Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BREAKING NBA Commissioner Bans Donald Sterling from NBA for Life

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The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, is also urging the other owners to vote to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.


The commissioner interviewed Sterling personally with regard to the released tape recordings.


The commissioner, during the press conference, directly apologized to Magic Johnson.


Silver also fined Sterling the maximum amount that the NBA constitution allows him to fine Sterling, $2.5 million.


Sterling is not allowed at any games, practices or other NBA activities.


Silver says he fully expects to get the votes from NBA owners to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.


  1. Just a wee bit harsh.

    I know I'm in the minority here but I'm tired of blacks being treated as a special class of people. If Donald Sterling said the same thing about white people, there wouldn't be any outrage. When will black people act like adults rather than spoiled children?

  2. The feeding frenzy here is disturbing. I'm still attempting to discern if Sterling's rant is racist or not? It seems to me a reasonable interpretation is that his labeling of "black" here is purely descriptive rather than pejorative. In other words those in question regarding his mistress are indeed black and his emphasis on the term isn't meant as a racial slur. One must read the slur part into the narrative. Like he tells the mistress, he doesn't care if she has sex with the men in question, only don't make her desires a public spectacle. It's the public spectacle that gets his goat, not the fact that the men are black.

    Perhaps that's confirmation bias on my part, but Mr Sterling could clear this matter up by adding his own context to words left dangling, which are not necessarily the slam dunk indictment of racism that all the high tech lynchers are claiming.

  3. NBA is nothing but a bunch of .05 to .01%ers running around chasing/tossing a ball. The best part is that many of the folks supposedly concerned about "income inequality" are right there with the rest of the middle class people handing their hard earned money willingly to the .01%. Nice irony.

  4. I think they should ban every fan who has ever made a seemingly racist remark. If you don't want a racist to own the team why accept money from racists?

  5. It's times like this that I'm glad I'm not part of the mass of idiots engaging dumbestTweets and taking in Oprah's asinine rhetoric, but rather I read EPJ and I know exactly what is really going on this world. I read up going past the stupid then I move on. I move on to gaining information of a ding-dong Senator who is proposing a bill that will hurt an already oppressed people that is being ignored by people who are are decrying some old dude that gave a lot of money to black people for something he said in a private, chopped up conversation. Irony.

  6. There is a new religion with a new God and a new list of sins. Its adherents are as puritanical as anything to come out of the 1600's. It has its High Priests, Clergy and congregation. But there is no mercy or repentance allowed. Transgress and you are banished from society forever!!

    1. Yeah, but right now it only goes one way. When done by non-whites, its overlooked and simply taken as a poor choice of words, unless they happen to be of the right wing persuasion. Then they are to be regarded as subhuman and worthy of all forms of hate including racism.

    2. Nah. Sterling has something that somebody else wanted; he was in the way. So, that somebody else via Magic Johnson is taking it by force via the stupidity of the masses. This is Democracy on a whole new level. They don't even know that they're being used by the people that they hate. Stupid.

      They're saying Silver (the commissioner) is brave. He's a coward.

    3. I'm willing to be that many people in this world, at one time or another, have said something that someone might consider to be "racist", even in jest. Your comment is spot on in that these days, most of us would likely be banished from society for the mere utterance of certain words....ridiculous!

    4. The tyranny of the religion of political correctness rears its ugly head once again. On top of that he was excommunicated for life for something he said in private. Do people REALLY see nothing wrong with this picture?

  7. Replies
    1. Hate??? Where's the "hate"???

    2. @gr

      First. What you consider hate, another person might consider accurate speech or rambunctious humor, or a moment of venting, or private ruminations, or an inaccurate generalization or something else.

      Second, hate is not unattached to an object. Are all objects equally lovable or not?
      Do you love murderers as much as non-murderers? If not, then you admit that hate has its uses.

      Third. Freedom includes the freedom to hate, envy, lust (Sterling's flaw here, not racism) and everything in between.

      I don't see racism or even jealousy here. I see helpless possessiveness, the outcome of Sterling's slavish dependence on his libido, which led to his manipulation.
      Stiviano is a predator and far worse than this almost senile man.

      Even if she was "archiving" his conversation in good faith (yeah, right!), isn't it against the law to abuse seniors?

      I feel sorry for him, as I do for anyone made the monster-du-jour by the evil group of people who pretend to be journalists in the USA.

  8. The reason I am frustrated with this incident is probably different than most EPJ readers.

    The further the Thought Police pushes forth with their agenda the greater will be the backlash and the pendulum will swing against PC culture more than it ought to and will result in open unabashed racism in American society paralleling the likes of which that we see in Eastern European countries including Russia, Ukraine etc.

    The PC crowd and Cultural Markxists have no idea how big a hornet's nest they are trying to stir up. Down the line, I foresee actual violence indiscriminately against individuals who will be perceived to be the stereotypical members of their classified race (which was formerly favoured and protected by the pseudo-intellectuals).

  9. For a private conversation that was supposed to be secret till his girl broke the law?

    How can the league have a policy against thoughtcrimes aka private thoughts in private conversations?

    Would these fines really hold up in court?

    1. Yeah, well, for them it's all PR, truth be damned.

  10. @Anonymous @ 7:31
    Exactly. Which is why it's incumbent on people who actually do feel concerned about marginalized or powerless people to reign in the extremism.

  11. Has anyone, anywhere and at anytime since the release of the tape made a decent, not even compelling, but decent attempt at telling us how what he said is racist? I heard no racism. None. I love NBA basketball, but right now I can't stand to watch. Magic Johnson, one of the single dumbest sports stars of our time is using this opportunity to get the Clippers cheap. Sterling is guilty of one thing and one thing only and that is for being a horrible owner. I weep for our society.

    1. Amen,
      I only heard (read) the pathetic ranting of a jealous old man. When I picture a tall, young, black stud, the dusky girlfriend and Sterling standing as a group, the old Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the other" springs to mind.
      Just a sad old man, not a hater...

  12. Why anyone would want to watch those idiots play basket-ball, much less pay to watch, is beyond me.