Monday, April 21, 2014

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association plan on building an entirely privately financed arena. Further, they will own the site, where the arena is to be built, outright rather than leasing it from a government entity.

The San Francisco Chronicle notes:
[The arena] perhaps the first sports venue of its kind in the country that use no taxpayer tax-payer funds or public land.

It is absolutely absurd when government gets involved to fund stadiums and arenas for multi-billion dollar businesses.


  1. Gillette stadium in Foxborough Mass is private with just some "infrastructure" around the stadium being funded by the state.
    I think TD Garden in Boston is also private.

  2. I'll bet you two things:

    1. Tickets will be cheap over all seating classes.
    2. Concessions will be cheap.

  3. I always that that Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs) and Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox) were 100% private funds but good for the Warriors.