Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend in Rahmaland: 9 Dead, 36 Wounded In Shootings

It was the second weekend in a row at least 36 people were shot in Chicago, reports CBS Chicago.

Meanwhile, The Daily Caller reports that:
Chicago public schools are set to introduce a new Afro-centric curriculum, according to a closely-guarded copy obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The curriculum covers kindergarten through tenth grade and is designed to align with Common Core. It includes a web link to, a website whose publisher decries “fake-Jews” and calls the United States a “Zionist-occupied enemy territory.”... 
CPS went above and beyond, implementing the curriculum across all core disciplines, which include literacy, mathematics, science, social science, the arts, physical education and health.

“The law said it had to be one unit devoted to the history of African-Americans,” Annette Gurley, CPS chief officer of teaching and learning told the Chicago Tribune in 2013. “What we’ve done is we’ve taken it throughout the year for all subjects, not just one subject.”
It doesn't appear that the curriculum will cover the Afro-centric shootings that occur in the city---or its causes--which I hasten to add are the result of minimum wage laws preventing black youth from getting first jobs, drug laws which create a violent underground environment for drug dealing, and government education, which is mostly a joke.

I will be impressed with this curriculum only when it speaks truth and designs a course that reads: The screwing of Afro-American youth by the government.


  1. Oh, come on, the hateful "new Afro-centric curriculum" will be very, very popular among young blacks, like free drugs would be popular if handed out to drug addicts. Let the curriculum speak truth about this, too.

  2. It can talk about why 4% of the population commits over half of the murders in the US every year.

  3. If you thought the average public school graduate was ignorant today, just wait until we get some students from the Chicago system "studying" this nonsense for a dozen years. God help us.