Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Could the Shadowy Network of Rand Paul’s Old Fundraising Machine Sink His Presidential Ambitions?

The above headline comes from Slate that introduces a David Weigel article that reports on the grand jury investigation surrounding Ron Paul Inc. operatives.

This is the first mainstream news outlet that is reporting on the investigation, a story which I first broke more than a month ago. (SEE: EPJ Exclusive: Washington D.C. Grand Jury Investigating Activities Surrounding Ron Paul Inc.)

Weigel touches all the bases in his report, including coverage of the behind the scenes operator, Mike Rothfeld. I doubt the grand jury investigation will get to Rothfeld, he is too smart and has probably distanced himself from the really dirty goings on.That won't be the case for others.

Of note, Weigel reports that Kent Sorenson has been talking to a grand jury. I was not aware that Sorenson was testifying. I am aware of two other parties that have testified. If Sorenson is talking, that is going to put more pressure on Dimitri Kesari to cooperate with the Feds. He was a deputy campaign manager of the Ron Paul 2012 campaign and was also Rand Paul's driver during Rand's initial successful campaign run. He likely knows all kinds of dirt.

It's not clear how far into Ron Paul Inc investigators are digging but it could go deep. It should be kept in mind though that Ron himself was completely out of the loop on all the shenanigans going on by Ron Paul Inc operatives.

The Weigel piece is well worth reading, it provides a good outline of the key players and what is going on. You can find it here.


  1. Jeb Bush will possibly allow Rand Paul to pressure wash the Lincoln memorial one Sunday............

    1. LMAO! Yet another winner comment by you! You've got me laughing today JT.

      I don't think Jeb entrusts the entire job to Rand myself, I think he lets him do the Lincoln crotch wash and leaves the rest up to the professionals-like Jesse Benton. :)

    2. Jerry has already snuck in and washed it. All that's left for rand is the Lincoln towncar...