Friday, April 11, 2014

Federal Reserve Money Printing Makes the Rich Richer

Newly printed Fed money is ending up in the hands of those that are already high income earners.

Fed money printing over the same period:


  1. I think you need to be a little more specific unless you now believe that financial classes are static as the idiot left does. One could make the argument that pension funds have benefited immensely from Fed money printing and with the exception of public safety, judges and politicians, I would hardly call their beneficiaries rich.

    1. financial classes are very static. Annual income varies a little more than financial class so someone who is in the top .1% this year might be in the middle next year. But someone's financial class is very static.

    2. Re: Jerry Wolfgang,
      -- financial classes are very static. --

      That's like saying "pigeon holes are very static" as if the pigeons gave a rat's ass.

      Anonymous says "financial classes are static as the idiot left does" and you suddenly come in saying "You rang?"

  2. Remain Calm, All Is Well! Initial Jobless Claims Fall To Clinton/GW Bush Era Lows, But Real Income Remains Stagnant

    Here is another view of the middle class collapse in wages.

    good charts.