Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Former Obamagirl Finds The Light

By Chris Rossini

Many Obama supporters have (by now) figured out that the the whole Hope & Change performance was a total fraud. But the former supporter in the following video, who actually shed a tear of joy when The Great One was elected, now shows her disgust in a spectacular way.

The best part?

Wait until you reach the end of the video and see what views she espousing now. Hint: She doesn't find refuge under the other wing of the bird of prey.

There's still some real hope left.

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  1. I get that EPJ does fun stories and I appreciate the fun or weird stories. But girls on youtube who glom onto movements because they are hot and wear tight shirts deserve zero attention. They are sort of like vampires - they see cash in the hordes of sexless men who follow internet movements

    1. Yeah! A girl less interested in posturing than in substance would have held that shirt on a stick while setting it on fire, the better to get maximum dramatic effect. And she would have worn baggy shorts.

    2. Eh. Marketing is good as long as it isn't the end in and of itself. If you can learn something from it, having attractive people learning with you makes you that much more open to the message. That's just reality. There's nothing wrong with using it to your advantage as long as you don't have to change the message to do it.

    3. The clip does have 800k+ views on youtube and it shows someone who was once a devotee become repulsed. Exposure to this allows other dispassionate devotees to break their mental barriers and venture down the same path. This is probably what you should be focusing on, not the pretty girl.

    4. That Obama shirt had tainted the other shirt. So I'm upset.

    5. Prove that's all she is.
      Until then, please shut up.
      Judge people by what they say, and as long as they do and say the right things, who care if they "sexualize" it?

  2. If that video convinces 1 person to look into the ideas of libertarianism then it was worth it.

  3. Too little, too late.

  4. This is Adam Kokesh's girlfriend, so she's for real. He turned that fine young gal around, for sure.

    1. I don't know why it takes most people so damned long to figure out the blatantly obvious in the age of the internet but at least she finally opened her eyes. Now woman, don't politicians EVER fool you again. They're cheats, liars, thieves, and murderers.

    2. Because of the thick layers of brain washing and propaganda many people have to fight through. When i was a statist i never truly logically defended it, instead rationalized it.

  5. Why would anyone take anything a sub-moronic mall-rat says seriously is beyond my comprehension.When did valley speak become the default for the millenials?

    1. Please don't minimize what you don't understand. There is nothing moronic about what she has to say. You are being condescending and dismissive.

      She is expressing the learning process she went through to come to the realization she did. Anyone that can have a "come to Jesus" moment about state-propaganda, express it, and get that many views knows a thing or two. Can you show us something you did that was better so that you can offer wisdom instead of an ad-hominem?

    2. Hear, hear Cory!

      Anonymous, valley speak does not encompass vocabulary such as "vitriolically" and "violative". This woman is clearly not moronic and lays out a convincing, entertaining indictment of her former hero.

      May many more young people be persuaded by her to distrust all politicians. Good job, I say.

    3. I had to actually look up valley speak. Turns out it was trendy to point out in the late 70s early 80s. Happens to correspond with melenials being born in the early 80s.

      Why do old people talk like they are all gathered around the radio waiting with baited breath for the next episode of the lone ranger to come on?

    4. Good one, Phat. Thanks for the laugh.

      I have a challenge for those of you fossils who think this is "valley speak":

      1. Write your own 4 minute rant.
      2. Put yourself on camera delivering it.
      3. Keep track of how many takes you need to get it right.
      4. Do you ever get it right?
      5. And if you do, let us judge how persuasive you are.

      This young woman is an articulate, effective communicator. Who do you think will influence this generation? You, with your rather disturbing focus on tube tops, your ancient interpretation of "valley speak", and your disturbing ad hominem attacks - "sub moronic mall rat", really?

      I love this site, but some of the commenters are just embarrassing.

    5. "Why would anyone take anything a sub-moronic mall-rat says seriously is beyond my comprehension.When did valley speak become the default for the millenials?"

      >> This is a terribly misguided reaction. The video is brilliant and powerful. No, it's not targeted to the intelligentsia or blindly devoted idolators. However, it's a strikingly powerful video to millenials who even have the slightest capacity to critically think.

      1. She personified, at one time, what millions of others saw in Obama in '08.
      2. The video clearly and effectively illustrates Obama's horrific track record and failed campaign promises which is beyond dispute. It was those failed promises that inspired his cult following to begin with. It's nearly impossible now to defend him without coming across as an irrational apologist. She captures this realization extremely well in the middle of the video.
      3. Her transformation at the end is a convincing, genuine plea toward an ideology embraced by libertarians.

      If you could think of a more effective way of broadcasting an honest, informative message that will reach over a million millenials, then I'm all ears. Kudos to this girl. I thought it was brilliant and was a more powerful couple minutes of truth than anything you'll ever get on network TV. If the goal is to spread the message, I can't think of too many better ways.

    6. @ Anonymous

      Should i take you seriously instead? What have you said in any semi-public place to accurately describe your feelings and promote freedom in the process?

      Besides, your attack on her is betraying some kind of snobbish, elitists attitude that would be likely to turn off any 'non-intellectual'.

    7. Just be happy this chick finally opened her eyes. She's at the beginning stages of THINKING. She looks pretty young so I'll cut her big break. It's the morons who've lived 30,40, 50 and so on years that STILL don't get it after having the internet for ages that are the most pathetic. Hopefully she will continue to question everything. Especially the criminals in government.

    8. You're stylin' with your opinion. Must be why you have no courage to use anything but Anon. At first blush, I conclude all your taste is in your mouth. I knew a Valley Girl. Sir she is no Valley Girl.

  6. I only watched the opening but I think she's actually a good choice for this kind of clip.
    Think about it.
    Majority audience is white - she's white.
    But white person criticizing black president could trigger perceptions of racism, so she's young and female, which disarms that.
    Young person disillusioned, especially a girl, has more emotional impact.
    Good-looking enough for males to want to watch.
    Not so good-looking that females won't watch.
    Valley-speak is ok, especially since her audience will be valley-speak too.
    Plus some eye-candy after various ugly banker-bureaucrats, so libertarian eye-sight is saved.

  7. Helllllll yessss!

    Awesome video. I'm sure there are millions more like her that loved Obama at first and are now repulsed by his face.

    Obama has set back race relations 40 years with his bullshit- my dad, who has NEVER used the N-word, and warned me to NEVER use "that word" actually used "that word" describing Obama. It shocked and hurt me.

  8. Jeez, you some of you are judgemental pricks. Give her a break. Valley speak? What the hell are you talking about?

    1. Many of the libertarians here think that just because they are philosophically committed they are allowed to be sexist, racist or in any way discriminatory- as if their commentary is an enlightening admonition. Just see the first set of comments.

      Relish in the irony of how most of the discussion is about the physical appearance and social state of the speaker and not the message. Ideologically staunch you may be but virtuous you are not.

    2. @Anonymous
      Oh cry me a river....
      The girl is the one who is being sexist - she clearly wanted her body noticed and was selling that, or didn't you see her Obama ad.
      So she's willing to use her sexuality to entice men to watch her, but when men notice it and resent being manipulated, then THEY are sexist.
      Go jump in a lake.
      (HINT - RHETORICAL DEVICE - not physical violence).

    3. "they are allowed to be sexist, racist or in any way discriminatory"

      More PC bullshit speak. I immediately dismiss anything said by a person that throws that bullshit in my face. Next....

    4. "So she's willing to use her sexuality to entice men to watch her, but when men notice it and resent being manipulated, then THEY are sexist.
      Go jump in a lake."

      Exactly. The hypocrisy is PATHETIC as hell. But I do think this girl deserves credit for finally opening her eyes. I also like the touch of burning that bastard Obama shirt. Also, she should have added, "Now I need to go take a shower to get all this Obama scum off of me". :P

    5. Manipulation is when the mass media pumps out warmongering and fear mongering discourse. Manipulation is when the federal reserve warns the world of deflation. You call this manipulation? I see sex appeal as neither right nor wrong. Clearly it does not violate any libertarian principles. But "valley girl"? Isn't the term for that ad hominem attack, when the listener ignores the content and strikes irrelevant character of the speaker? You guys are such a disappointment. Videos like this are precisely what the libertarian movement needs. Why don't you cry me a river instead? Waaaaah I don't care if she's reaching out to thousands successful lyrics while I groan about her manipulating people! It, makes, no, sense. What is good for the movement is good for us since the content checks out.

    6. @ anonymous

      "Many of the libertarians here think that just because they are philosophically committed they are allowed to be sexist, racist or in any way discriminatory."

      I AM allowed to be sexist, racist or in any way discriminatory (if i would choose to be). That's what it means to be philosophically committed. There is no thought police in libertarianism, the Tucker/Reisenwitz Doctrine notwithstanding.

      The girl's message is completely on-point and relevant.
      And she also has a hot ass.