Friday, April 4, 2014

Hillary's Regrets

By Chris Rossini

Hillary Clinton has some regrets.

She was just so hamstrung as Secretary of State:
“You all know that the polls continuously show that most people in our country think we spend 20-25 percent on foreign aid, and I would have loved that to have been the case when I was at the State Department, but in fact our entire diplomatic and development budget it slightly over 1 percent.” (emphasis added)
Hillary wishes that a quarter of the insane federal budget was at her disposal, to shower onto the rest of the world's leaders.

Oh, by the way, in other news, Hillary recently said at Yale:
"We are seeing a cycle of economic pressures and income inequality that will make it harder and harder as the years go by for millions of our children to succeed in school and in life." (emphasis added)
What a tough job these looters have. On the one hand, the desire to shove 25% of American stolen loot down the throats of foreign leaders, in order to keep them in line with the Empire. And on the other, raising a nation of millions of welfare dependents.

They must need more money...Let's all work a little harder and put out a tip jar for them.

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  1. Haven't people had enough of this old harridan yet?

  2. Her biggest regret will be if the truth ever gets out about her involvement in the fast and furious scandal. All sorts of circumstantial evidence points to her having a huge role - which is why all sorts of ATF and Obama people refused to turn over evidence or testify, and why Obama claimed executive privilege to hide everyone's involvement.

    1. I recall that Sherman Skolnick used to say that she was a teenage arms merchant while a high school student in Park Ridge Illinois. I don't remember the details.

  3. I have a sneaky suspicion that Americans are stupid enough to elect this witch in 2016, and then one-up their lack of judgment by re-electing her in 2020. By then, the country, if it still exists, will be a smoking ruin of progressive statism.

    Once we've had our token black and token woman at the helm when this jalopy goes over the cliff, maybe the survivors will decide to re-assert their constitutional rights. How about electing representatives that understand the limits of centralize power? Probably wishful thinking on my part.

  4. I'm not sure which is better, the post or the picture. The former is insightful as always, but the latter is remarkable, like something out of a David Lynch movie (or a Grimm tale).

  5. Hillary reminds me of a joke about a woman joining the FBI. For the final test of the FBI training, she is given a handgun an told to go into a room and kill the person that is tied to a chair in there. But the person in the room is her loving husband. The woman enters the room and the trainers hear the woman quickly fire all bullets. Then there is some pummeling sounds. The door opens and the woman walks out covered in blood. The trainers ask what happened. She said, "Some idiot filled the gun with blanks, so I had to beat him to death."

  6. Why are people not reading the CFR? Why are they reading GR?

    The CFR is a mouthpiece for US foreign policy. It’s in close liaison with Wall Street and the US State Department.

    The CFR’s authors go out of their way to “give a human face” to America’s wars and covert military operations in different parts of the World. originalCountries which do not abide by Washington’s diktats are the object of a carefully orchestrated smear campaign. They are singled out as “rogue states”.

    Political leaders who oppose Washington’s demands are casually tagged as “dictators” or “war criminals”, not withstanding the fact the US has since the end of World War II committed countless atrocities in the name of “Western democracy”. More recently, extensive war crimes have been committed against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and the former Yugoslavia.

    The CFR will justify the deployment of US special forces in the Middle East and Africa as a means to going after and “taking out” Al Qaeda.