Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's On: Sterling Expected to Fight NBA

NyPo reports:
With the NBA’s owners’ 10-member advisory and finance committee scheduled to conduct a conference call Thursday to discuss the next steps in the ouster of Donald Sterling, a source close to the Clippers banned-for-life owner said he expects Sterling to mount a stiff legal challenge to commissioner Adam Silver’s ruling...

The source who has worked with Sterling, but is not advising him in this case, said the disgraced owner likely will work with attorney Robert Platt to fight the NBA. Platt, a 1982 Fordham Law School grad, successfully defended Sterling in 2009 against former Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor’s suit over alleged racial discrimination.

“I think it will be one last-ditch effort for both billionaire Sterling and millionaire Platt,” the source said...

If the NBA owners vote against Sterling, he likely will seek a temporary restraining order in the Central District of California.

“I’d be surprised if a restraining order was not granted,” the source said.

If a restraining order is granted, then the court would need to rule within 18 days on a possible injunction — which could tie the case in court for years. But the sourced acknowledged the chance of an injunction looked “hopeless.”

Platt was reached and declined comment.


  1. Better put this racist MFer in jail and make him sell his peanut farm:

  2. I don't care about basketball or the NBA -- I never watch it -- but this sudden frenzy over this supposedly new incident, which I could just as interpret as meaning he doesn't want his (supposed) girlfriend to be showing up with other men (who usually happen to be black), indicates a hysteria and clamoring for vengeance not seen since 9/11.

    One more step towards the mob-rule socialist democratic police state.

  3. JT out of BarrowMay 1, 2014 at 8:03 AM

    How could he get a fair trial after Obama opened his big fat stupid mouth?

    1. Maybe they can have another beer summit.