Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Married Lesbian ‘Throuple’ Expecting First Child

This should keep the Tucker web site interesting for a few days, while they bang out the libertarian appendage theory surrounding throuples.

NyPo with the facts from which theory will be spun:
 Three Massachusetts lesbians got hitched and are now expecting their first child...

The nuptials of Doll, Kitten and Brynn Young were held this past August, with all three brides wearing white and traditional wedding veils.

Brynn and Kitten were married 2 ½ years ago in the Bay State, before adding Doll to their household mix.
“I cried watching Doll and Kitten walk down the aisle towards me with their dads,” Brynn, a computer programmer, told The Sun newspaper of London.

“After we said our vows, Doll and Kitten kissed me first then each other.”

The state of Massachusetts doesn’t  recognize three-way marriage – but these  women insist their unconventional union is very real to them.

“In our eyes we are married,” said Brynn, 34.  “We had specialist lawyers draw up paperwork so our assets are equally divided.”...

The youngest of the three wives, 27-year-old  Kitten, is six months pregnant with an unknown sperm donor.
“The three of us have always wanted kids and wanted to grow our family,” said Kitten.
All three women sleep in the same bed, and have sex as a threesome and in pairs, according to The Sun.
“We all have time together but it’s also important for each pair of people to nurture their individual relationships,” said Doll, 30.

For the record, pure libertarianism has no opinion on throuples. PL is about the non-aggression principle. One would think that given their other views, libertarians with appendages ("libwaps") would want to promote throupling as something that should be supported. Indeed, they should probably be outraged by anyone speaking out against throupling. If I a understand libwaps correctly, this event in Massachusetts should lead them to call for throupling sensitivity training to begin immediately at their home base, Koch Industries.


  1. -- Three Massachusetts lesbians got hitched and are now expecting their first child... --

    Their inevitable break-up will be such a laughable spectacle, I can hardly wait; the subsequent custody fight between those three witches will be horrific and sad, though. I feel sorry for the unborn child already.

    1. Do you say the same thing when a hetero couple gets married? Do you know these people? Do you know the level of commitment they have to each other? What basis do you have to predict their breakup "inevitable"?

    2. Re: Anonymous,

      -- Do you say the same thing when a hetero couple gets married? --

      No, because the likeliness of a hetero couple breaking up is much less than a throuple, because you have at least one in the throuple being unhappy to break the relationship leaving a COUPLE, making it easier for the two that stay to work on their relationship.

      -- Do you know these people? --

      I know deductive reasoning.

      -- Do you know the level of commitment they have to each other? --

      Again, I know deductive reasoning. Ina couple, you have 100% of your mate. In a Throuple, you only have 50%. Logic will tell you that at least ONE in the throuple will not like that bargain in the long run as the relationship cools down.

      -- What basis do you have to predict their breakup "inevitable"? ---

      I explained it above clearly.

    3. This is the article linked from where I first saw this:

      If the article is accurate (dailymail, so who knows?) on their individual backgrounds, what do you think of the odds they'll make it together for 18 years?

    4. Re: Old Mexican,

      You are likely not aware of the extensive literature on polyamorous relationships. There's been a lot of thought and experience that's gone into overcoming the challenges these type of relationships raise. There is no doubt that those that practice are very aware of the potential problems but choose this way of life for the amazing benefits. The only thing keeping it from working is the commitment of the members. To which I assert: you have no freaking way to know, absent personal knowledge of the people under discussion. Will their relationship fail in some way. Quite likely - many do, including traditional couples as well as polyamorous ones. To insist this particular one will just because there are 3 people in the relationship is simply an expression of your ignorance on the topic.

      Using spurious mathematical constructs like "50% < %100" as a model for complex human relationships is the same sort of simplification error econometricians and Keynesians make in macro economics. I'm surprised to see it in a blog such as this.

      Good Day Sir.

    5. It's a fact that lesbian relationships are the most violent of all. And with THREE of them in the same house? There's a good chance this isn't going to end up well. lol.

  2. I have no doubt that once I land that General Laborer job at KI, the brothers will be happy to pick up the benefits for both my wives. . .especially the pregnant one. And if they don't, I'm sure Tucker and his fellow libwaps (excellent neologism!) will spring to our defense right away.

  3. Doesn't the middle one bear an uncanny resemblance to Alice Cooper?

    1. Holy Muscle of Looooooooooooove! I got a Muscle of Loooooooooooooove......

  4. Where in MA are they from, Eastwick?

  5. Hey whatever makes them happy right?

  6. They are gonna wish they kept it to sex/orgies in three months instead of the whole marriage thing.

    So how long till libwaps petition the government for an additional spouse box on the joint tax return applications? much goodness in that whole notion I can't stand it....PC? Check. Statist "redress"? Check.

    Anyone know if the kids of lesbians or homosexuals get preferred treatment for state funded colleges or anything along those lines?

    The positivist possibilities are limitless here.

  7. So many conservatives in libertarian clothing.....they never manage to master the fine art of minding their own business.

  8. A throuple in Mass should be able to sign up for and lose at least 39 EBT cards.

  9. Clearly, these three women were never exposed to a real man.
    One day they will realize that all men are not like democrat pajama boys, touchy/feely bow-tie wearing neo-libertarians, or Republican-repressed in-the-sack sad-sacks.
    Let us all pray that they will find that Libertarian Liberty loving Real man and leave their frustrations behind.