Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Note to Libertarian Bloggers: How to Boost Traffic to Your Sites

Take a look at the right hand column of the EPJ web site you are now at and scroll down a bit to MOST POPULAR POSTS DURING THE LAST 7 DAYS. That's a list automatically generated by Google. Then notice what the top post is: Bizarre Attack on Lew Rockwell.

That's my takedown of the attack on Lew by a  member of the International Executive Board of the Koch-funded Students for Liberty. It's the top traffic producing post this week. Do you want to boost traffic to your site? Then defend Lew, and defend pure libertarianism, against those who want to append also sorts of baggage to the non-aggression principle. That's what people want to read.


  1. That and irrationally rant about Bitcoin a few times per day.

    1. What exactly is irrational about what he's said about it? It's so easy to make an ad-hominem attack, isn't it? If you've got a legitimate issue with what he's said, post the details of that and refute his stance instead of just looking like the anonymous bitter Bitcoin fanboy who lost 70% of his "investment" because he didn't heed solid advice.

    2. Cory,

      It is irrational to post incessantly about a topic that you don't support and claim will disappear from the face of the earth. It is further irrational to simultaneously claim to an expert Bitcoin trader, which he does, and denigrate anyone else who has participated in that activity solely because that last 5 months have been poor performance.

      I, and others, refute him constantly. He does not care, or listen. And when those comments are particularly stinging he does not post them.

      Furthermore, I have made many fiat currency units investing in Bitcoin and have been in it for years, not months. So go f*** yourself.

    3. "It is irrational to post incessantly about a topic that you don't support"

      So it is irrational to warn people not to waste their money? Hmm, "irrational", where do you get the definition for that? Funny. Your explanation here as to why you call it "irrational" would apply to criticism of the government too. Maybe you were just caught using a misplaced word and now you have to run with it. Oh, and do put all your money in bitcoins, I want a fool and his money to be parted. But stop derailing the topic, buddy.