Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rand Paul Seeks New Allies Among Mitt Romney's 2012 Team

Rand Paul endorses Mitch, an early sellout.
The libertarian sell out continues. This time over salad and fresh fruit. As I predicted, the closer we get to the 2016 primaries, the more Rand is going to move away from libertarian principles and court the crony establishment.

Remember that establishment guy that Ron Paul ran against in the 2012 presidential campaign? Rand Paul is cozying up to that guy's lieutenants:

AP via HuffPo reports:
Fighting to move beyond his father's shadow, Sen. Rand Paul is crafting new alliances with the Republican Party establishment during a Northeast tour that began Friday in Boston.

The 51-year-old Kentucky Republican, son of libertarian hero and former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, headlined an afternoon luncheon hosted by top lieutenants of former presidential nominee Mitt Romney — a private meeting that comes as Paul weighs a 2016 presidential bid of his own. To succeed in a national campaign, however, those close to Paul acknowledge that he must broaden his appeal beyond the tea party and libertarian-minded activists who rallied behind his father's long-shot presidential runs...
The freshman senator attended the luncheon at the private-equity firm Solamere Capital, a Boston-area company led by Romney's his former national finance chairman, Spencer Zwick, and Romney's oldest son, Tagg. Romney himself serves as a senior adviser to the firm and has an office there, although he did not attend the gathering.

Zwick arranged a private audience of just a dozen key members of Romney's inner circle, including senior advisers Beth Myers, Bob White and Ron Kaufman.

"This was meant to be a real discussion with people that I view can be very helpful," Zwick told The Associated Press, adding that Paul "was very well received" during an hour-and-a-half discussion about policy and politics over salad and fresh fruit.

"He always leaves people feeling more positive about him than they did going in," Kaufman said of Paul after the meeting.


  1. Ah, the glorious wisdom of the political world. Dirtiest business on the planet, full of leeches, liars, thieves, murderers, frauds, con artists, hypocrites, and back stabbers.


  3. This concept is value keeping in mind as the Republican presidential concentrate is constantly on the filter to Florida Gov. John Perry and former Boston Gov. Glove Mitt romney. Right now they are competitors, getting every probability to snipe at one another. But I would not be amazed if they finished up operating together on a Romney-Perry solution. 2012 Romney defeater