Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Servants Are Losing Faith

By Chris Rossini

Bernie Sanders, one of the biggest socialists in Congress, has some good news for us:
"What exists all over America today is that millions and millions and millions of people - working people, low income people, young people - they look at the political process and they say, 'Not for me.'"
Lots of good stuff here.

First, he says "all over America." In other words, not just Detroit.

Second, Sanders makes note of those who are hit hardest by government regulations and The Fed's inflation (i.e., "working people, low income people, young people). In other words, the cronies and politically connected rent-seekers aren't doing the complaining.

Third, the vast majority of victims that Sanders refers to are saying "Not for me". In other words, they're not saying "The Republicans are for me".

This may be a problem for Bernie, but it's music to libertarian ears. The whole democratic system is supposed to keep the vast majority in line. You vote for the people that will rob you, and the very fact that you voted is used as justification for the robbery. Furthermore, the scheme is assigned a euphemism that makes it sound as if it were dropped from the heavens. It's often referred to as a "sacred" "right" to vote.

From the perspective of a master, there's nothing better than having a continent of laboring servants who choose and accept their plight. Better yet, if the laboring servants believe that they are free.

Sanders says:
"There are a lot of angry people out there."
The masters know that they are far outnumbered. They may have lots of guns, but if public opinion turns on them, they're in deep trouble. Actual freedom may break out!

"Not for me" is like kryptonite to the looting classes.

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  1. For some reason most people have to be smashed over the head with a sledgehammer as hard as it can possibly be swung many times over before the foolish masses began saying, "Wait, something's not right". Hopefully, these fools won't wait until we have full totalitarianism before realizing that government is just a superstition, nothing more.

  2. When the people get uppity, just start a meat-grinding war.
    Works everytime.

    1. Yep and it's not like there is a shortage of targets the state and it's propaganda machines can use to drum up bullshit nationalism.

    2. It's not like there's a shortage of imaginary targets... as it happens US has no enemies which can pose a credible threat whatsoever.

  3. The Bundy Ranch incident illustrates this well. The masters didn't want to get involved in a situation where it's an outright war against the people.

    1. Yup. This couldn't be passed off as the government vs. some religious nuts or something. Rest assured though, the parasites will be back.

  4. The simple answer to solve all the current problems is to abolish the Federal govt and system.

    The US was considered the most prosperous, the most free country in the history of the world, when it had 51 govts (50 states, 1 federal).

    So its not true you you have to abolish all govt to be mostly free. You just have to keep govt small.

    Its only when the federal govt went bad that the major tyranny started. The states had very little to do with it.

    Eliminate the federal govt and system and the states it will go back to being what they always were, 99% free. And thats good enough.

    1. Wait, you can't do that!

      How could the Ruling Class start wars without declaring them then? Or send paid, working class Janissaries overseas to stick our noses into other people's business?

      And, oh btw, who would tend to the business of the poor, the elderly, and the Rent-Seeking?

      Remember, you can help this Rent-Seeker, or You Can Turn the Page....