Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The "There Is No Inflation" Report: Fruit and Vegetable Edition

Although the California drought may be a catalyst for fruit and vegetable price increases, I have been pointing out in the EPJ Daily Alert that the supply side causes of price increases are only part of the problem. Once these prices start to climb, they really tend to heat up. We are seeing this in the food sector and the metals sector. Below, via a WSJ chart, are some price forecasts put together by Arizona State University.


  1. Let them eat cake, right Jerry? Better the poor starve than a banker miss a paymnet on his Bentley.

  2. My favorite Sardines spiked at 1.60 from the normal 4 year 1.00.
    Yesterday, I noticed that they had actually decreased down to 1.10.
    Gleefully bought five cans.
    Alas...when I opened one to enjoy the usual 8 or 10 tiny sardines with a 2 jalapeno peppers, I found one or two sardines with 8 or 10 jalapenos.
    What the hey!
    F*ck you Krugman.

    1. The global banking elite appreciate your sacrifice.

  3. You don't understand how aggregates and macro-economics works, You see, iPads and cell phones are so much cheaper. Plus, you're making almost the same amount of money you were making 5 years ago and your house is worth less. So, it all balances out.