Thursday, April 24, 2014

The "There Is No Inflation" Report (Hawaiian Edition)

Garth Yamanaka emails:
Aloha Robert,

Just received my recent update from Marshall & Swift for local multipliers which is utilized for cost estimates in real estate valuation.  The multipliers are published quarterly  and is based on two Marshall & Swift building cost indexes.

December 2013
Local Multiplier - Hawaii - 1.42
                       - Hilo  - 1.41
March 2014
Local Multiplier - Hawaii - 1.66
                       - Hilo - 1.69

In the past 5 years I have been monitoring the Hawaii sector I have never seen a jump this big for the local multiplier.

I didn't see any other states being affected in a similar manner.



  1. consistent with an annual rate of inflation of 1.5%/year.

    1. How do you figure that, Jerry? The multiplier increased by over 14 and 16%, respectively.

  2. Richard Russell - Outrageous Lies Being Told To Americans

    I've written before about retirement in the US. I'm afraid retirement it is going to be a lost cause. Everybody I know is complaining about the rising cost of living. This means that it has become almost impossible for the average person or family to save. I doubt whether the average person in the US can raise $5,000 in cash, much less save for retirement.

    My daughter, who lives in Brooklyn, tells me that it costs $2.50 to take a bus or the subway in NYC. Gad, one of the interesting things about my age (gulp, almost 90) is that I remember what it was like in the old days, when a ride on the subway was a nickel, and a transfer to the bus line was two cents (and a ferry ride from Manhattan to Jersey was a nickel). I don't see how most people survive in NYC at today's prices. No wonder people are moving to Harlem or Astoria or Queens.

    Somewhere ahead there is going to be a “reset” in our whole currency and money situation. I think we'll have to somehow cancel or renege on all debts and start over. The Fed's strategy of inflating the debts away might work. But before the Fed's inflation strategy is over, there'll be blood in the streets. The people won't stand for it. Actually, the word is getting out. The American people are understanding the story, they are seeing what is happening to their purchasing power. ...As I see it, the years ahead will see drastic changes, and I hope no bloodshed. But you never know what people will do when they and their kids are hungry.”