Saturday, April 19, 2014

U.S Tax Rates Compared to the Rest of the World

(Charts vis FiveThirtyEight)


  1. 1st chart is almost meaningless.
    Sales tax/VAT & property taxes are highly destructive, but not included in this chart.
    I am unclear if state/city income taxes are included in this chart.

    GDP is inflated by government through meaningless spending so it makes government's take look less than it is.

  2. Really?!?!

    WTF, Wenzel?

    Is this a joke?

    1. And what exactly does the data you have collected show? Clown.

    2. Well, sir, I have collected zero data. The same amount as you and RW have collected.

      That is not the point. Presenting this information with the title "US Tax Rates..." and no explanation or comment by Wenzel is clownish.

      I would expect such misrepresentation from some statist fool bent on increasing taxes on "the rich". Perhaps the lunatic socialist in Seattle will now use EPJ as a source when promoting her agenda.

      Revenue as a percentage of (the utterly fake and useless) GDP does not TAX RATE make.

      Based on the intelligence level your response, I don't expect you to suffer the same rate of taxation that I do. However, unless you are a Koch, I doubt your tax rate is 8.9%

    3. Hey Buddy,

      You really should stop your comments when you are a just little behind. Your cluelessness is expanding at an exponential rate, with every additional post.

      The tax rates in the charts are rates relative to GDP, not personal income tax rates.

    4. LOL

      Did you read what I wrote, Jack?

      Since RW felt it unnecessary to clarify the meaning of this useless unqualified aggregate data and I am apparently "clueless" and "behind", perhaps someone would elucidate the meaning of this data.

      I contend that this data is a misrepresentation of "US tax rates", overall meaningless, and could easily be used in a confounding way to push the ridiculous idea that US citizens should be taxed more.

      Suppose RW posted some collection of data showing employment rising when the minimum wage is raised, without comment. If I then said WTF?, he should comment on it, the data is meaningless, and it could be used to further some idiotic agenda, would you be calling me names and disregarding the meaning of the data? I think not.

      Please, Jack, why don't you explain the relevance of this data. Perhaps we can discuss debt to GDP ratios next.

  3. I'd like to see a measurement that would add the price inflation tax to the amount.
    Then US could be at the top of the chart.