Monday, April 14, 2014

Washington's Outrageous Ukraine Double Standards

 By Daniel McAdams

The Washington foreign policy establishment is furious. Protesters in eastern Ukraine, who feel threatened by the US-backed government in Kiev that hascancelled Russian-language television programming and installed oligarchs to rule over them, have poured out into main squares in many major eastern Ukrainian cities. Some have stormed government buildings and taken control of them. They favor a more federalized Ukraine, where more political decisions are made locally rather than dictated from the unelected rulers in Kiev. 

The hypocrisy and double-standards of the US government's reaction to the protests are breath-taking.

After orchestrating and synchronizing protests and attacks by armed militants in Kiev to overthrow the elected government, US Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday..."expressed strong concerns that attacks today by armed militants in eastern Ukraine were orchestrated and synchronized..." 

When protesters in Kiev, with the support of US government regime changers like Victoria "Fu*k the EU" Nuland, overthrow a democratically-elected government, they are praised by John Kerry for "fighting for the right to associate with partners who will help them realize their aspirations."

But when protesters in eastern Ukraine, reacting to oppression from an unelected government in Kiev, seek "the right to associate with partners who will help them realize their aspirations," they are attacked by the US government and John Kerry, who condemned what he called a  "concerted campaign we see underway in eastern Ukraine today by pro-Russian separatists."

It is apparently only the will of the people when Ukrainians express their desire to associate with the US and EU. Anyone who comes into the streets to protest in favor of federalism or association with Russia is anti-democratic and illegitimate, with sinister Russian power behind them.

All said with a straight face..

Daniel McAdams is executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.


  1. Not only the US, but also the puppet regime in Kiev went full Godwin mode by calling the pro-Russia militias "terrorists" as if the mob that toppled the previous (and 'democratically' elected) government in Kiev were all angels.

    In other news with hypocrites, the US condemned the close flyover (or buzzing) performed by a Russian fighter over an American destroyer sailing in the Black Sea, near Crimea, calling it "a provocation and unprofessional." The fighter pilot buzzed the American ship something like a dozen times despite "several warnings."

    Yeah. Warnings. I wonder if American pilots would have heeded the same kind of warnings had they been buzzing a Russian destroyer sailing near Galveston, TX.

    I thought not.

  2. This piece of Putin propaganda article does not even deserve to be acknowledged with a comment. US government, in cohorts with Russia, put enormous pressure on Ukraine to strip it of its nuclear arsenal and now the two are letting the country disintegrate - the latter by aggression, the former by indifference. passing cookies on Maidan does not amount to instigating million-strong protest. If US had any proper interest in Ukraine and Obama had any courage, which neither clearly does, Ukraine would not be such an easy target for Putin. Mr. McAdams and his boss Ron Paul should remember they live in a media age and the photos of those 'protesters in eastern Ukraine', their equipment, ammunition and even faces are out there for the world to see that they are neither protesters, nor Ukrainian.

    1. Indifference by the US is exactly what Mr. McAdams and his boss Ron Paul want. They do not want the US to interfere with either Russia or the Ukraine. They see people of all countries as individuals and want only to encourage free trade and voluntary cooperation by individuals of all countries. And maybe those "protesters in eastern Ukraine" would not be Ukrainian if they had a choice. Maybe they are ethnic Russians arbitrarily given to Ukraine in the last century who now themselves say they are not Ukrainian and want their homeland returned to Russia. But whether that is true or not, it is nothing that Ron Paul wants to interfere with.

  3. The astonishing hubris is there for anyone with eyes to see it. The new aristocracy really do take it as an article of zealous faith that they are either invisible, or imbued with an impervious impunity, or both.