Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Note on Annoying Audio Ads at EPJ

Most of the ads at EPJ are pushed though by Google Adsense. I don't always get to see the same ads you do.

Apparently, Google is now pushing through ads with annoying audio. I don't like such audio anymore than most of you. I can block specific ads and advertisers that are using these type of ads but, as I say, I don't always see them on my computer.

If you are experiencing these annoying ads and the bother you, please email me the advertiser or, better yet, the actual link to the ad and I will block the ad.

1 comment:

  1. Is that why I have to hit the 'stop' button numerous times on this blog while it downloads? It's so annoying to have to wait and hit the 'stop' button.
    I have the mute button in the On position most of the time so I had no idea about the sound ads.
    Your website takes very long to open and download.
    I have crappy wireless and an outdated browser, but other webpages open so much faster than yours it's Not Even funny.
    ... It's worth it though.,

    - Helot