Wednesday, May 7, 2014

David Stockman's New $14.85 Million Condo

Who says you can't live well and simultaneously fight the crony state?

David Stockman and his wife Jennifer—an art collector and the current president of the Guggenheim Foundation’s board of trustees—just bought a penthouse at 170 East End Avenue for $14.85 million, according to city records, reports the New York Observer.

NYO continues:
The listing shared by Andrea Wohl Lucas and Bruce Lucas of Corcoran aptly notes, the building—luxurious new construction and one of many mysterious recipients of a 421-a tax abatement—”takes lifestyle to a new level,” offering squash, a movie theater and even a golf simulator, lest Mr. Stockman take it into his head to tee off from one of those balconies. 
Stockman's book, The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America, is must reading for anyone who wants to understand the recent financial crisis.


  1. Right......... but the silly guys on the left would simply point out that we are only fighting for more personal wealth via less taxes and somehow taking all of the money from the poor. You can be pro-government, getting enormously wealthy as a result of government, and not be considered evil.

    The Jerry Wolfgangs of the world still do not know what profits/net worth are and how they arise.

    If David Stockman has a $15M condo, then by definition he paid $15M USD of his money for property. If Warren Buffet buys a majority stake in a public company....... he is paying $USD to the original owners of that stock. These same people accused of hoarding are actually releasing considerable amounts of dollars into the hands of everyday people. The only way for the wealthy to rid their net worth is by giving it away, wasting it on consumption or by losing the wealth due to bad investment decisions.

    They are only restricting the statists ideal money velocity from being achieved.....

    1. Well like I've said before the Idiot Left is GREEN with ENVY over someone elses wealth. It's pathetically childish.

  2. Looks nice and comfortable and I just ordered his book, been meaning to read it for awhile.

  3. Nice digs, but what's the point of having a fireplace when the chairs are both too close to it and turned in the wrong direction?

  4. Does this mean that Stockman does not foresee a real estate price collapse in the near future?

  5. @Butte

    The chairs are the least of it.

    If I had that kind of money, I'd buy a 5000 hectare Brazilian coffee estate..and have something to show for it...

    To each his own.

  6. JT out of BarrowMay 8, 2014 at 7:47 AM

    Is that yellow, crook-neck, or summer squash?
    Knowing these guys, it's probably all three.

  7. Well it's not the money that raises suspicion it's the association- Guggenheim Foundation’s board of trustees.

    Weren't you calling out Milk-en for a gug partner relation?