Sunday, May 11, 2014

America: Land of The Bamboozled

By Chris Rossini

Progressive Era Americans are just so easy to bamboozle.

After spending a good 18 years in government's indoctrination centers (i.e., what Progressive Era Americans call "schools") you graduate to the next phase in your development. You move from the classroom to the TV and mainstream media. The opinion-molders are ready and waiting for you. They pick up right where the "schools" left off.

One of the most famous 'opinion-molders' works for "The Paper of Record". His name Tom Friedman and this is how he explains international affairs to Progressive Era Americans:
Ukraine is a middle power living next to a giant bear, and Vietnam is a middle power living next to a giant tiger.
For those who didn't do well in geography, the "giant bear" is Russia, and the "giant tiger" is China. Both are considered "rogue nations," which means they refuse to genuflect to the world's super-duper power: The United States government.

Ironically, even though the super-duper power has been at constant war during the entire Progressive Era nightmare, it's really only an innocent bystander as far as you're concerned:
Meanwhile, America is trying to figure out how to buttress both Vietnam and Ukraine in their struggles with their giant neighbors without getting entangled in either dispute. (my emphasis)
What a fascinating description of events, considering the U.S. government was caught red-handed orchestrating the overthrow of Ukraine's democratically elected leader.

Ahh...but who has the time for details? Tom Friedman takes his white-out and scrubs those details right out of there. The U.S. government is a peaceful observer. In fact, Friedman has some more real truth:
...but, the truth is, many people out here want our “presence” more than ever...We may not be so interested in the world, but a lot of the world is still interested in us... 
Yet another fascinating interpretation. Take a look at this list of U.S. military interventions during the entire Progressive Era (i.e., 1890 - present). Make sure to stretch your hand out first; you're about to scroll through a long list. Does that look like a U.S. government that has "lost interest"?

Ahh...those are just more details. Who has the time? Tom Friedman's job is to take the mass of government-educated adults and keep the storyline intact.

Once he's finished, and Progressive Era Americans are tuckered out from working for the taxman, they can drift off to sleep after watching The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama in a sack race:

Mission Accomplished.

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  1. There's nothing like watching your little brother take a sniper round through the spinal cord and lay in Walter Reed for a month a permanent quadriplegic before going on to a crappy VA polytrauma center to make you wake up from your stupor and realize that, holy shit, everything I've been told is a lie.

  2. There's something oddly attractive about Victoria Nuland. There, I said it.

  3. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to getting better. Be brave.