Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dick Cheney: Constitutional Aficionado

By Chris Rossini

Look who's talking about the Constitution!

Dick Cheney and his wife were interviewed by Hugh Hewitt on Monday.
Hugh Hewitt: What do you think of the critique of President Obama and presidential powers?

Dick Cheney: Well, I think, I’m a big advocate of a strong executive, obviously. The minority report in the Iran-Contra study is, lays out that whole philosophy and theory. I really feel as though Barack Obama is ignoring the law in many cases, and going far beyond what was ever intended. I mean, he’s all by himself sort of routinely changes the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, if it suits his will. I think much of what’s been done is, does in fact skate up to the edge of violating the Constitution in terms of what the way he’s interpreted his executive power.
Hmmmm....there are so many angles to choose from here.

Let's go with this one...

....and then everyone lived happily ever after.

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  1. Of course you only respect the Constitution when you argue that govt has no power. If someone actually acknowledges that the Constitution gives govt power, than the person allegedly does not respect the Constitution.

    The legal fact is that the US Constitution gave the chief executive more power than the King of England had in 1789. The Constitution did however allow the chief executive to be removed from office via impeachment and of course via elections which were held every 4 years.

    1. "the Legal fact" ??!?!??!? this 'fact" was created by John Marshall and the defunct Federalist Party giving the DC gang "implied powers" and if you didn't like that then there were a large group of men in blue with rifles and bayonets who would be willing to assist in pointing out the error of your ways, often very permanently.

    2. Sources please. And not tertiary "watch me flex my college degree with my bullsh!t analysis" sources, but primary sources. I'm willing to accept secondary sources to a degree, but we're not talking about ancient times here so they shouldn't form the crux of your argument.

  2. Well when you're like Cheney and have spent decades wiping your ass with the Constitution you get to know it pretty well. Even I can tell when mybwife quit buying the usual stuff, which she's done from time to time to try and maintain our standard of living amongst this inflationary environment.