Sunday, May 25, 2014

Do You Need to Subscribe to the EPJ Daily Alert?

A new subscriber to the EPJ Daily Alert writes:
"I just got my first Daily Alert. My goodness have I been missing out. Excellent product!"

There are seldom times that are as volatile as the present, if you need to know about:

The Economy

Interest Rates

The Stock Market

Gold, Silver

The Dollar


Real Estate

Then you need to subscribe to the EPJ DAILY ALERT.

In the EPJ Daily Alert, I cover, with more focus, things I only touch on at

On a regular basis I report on:

Money supply growth

The price inflation outlook

Market interest rates relative to Federal Reserve set rates

The Yield Curve

Excess Reseves held by banks

Required Reserves held by banks

and many other factors that can inpact your investments and business.

In  addition, since sometimes I am provided information from top insiders, who don't want me to reveal to the general public what they are telling me, I only include such information  in the EPJ Daily Alert.

If you are a business person, a stock market trader, an officer at a publicly traded corporation or just planning your retirement, I am convinced the information I put in the EPJ Daily Alert is the information that will help you make more informed decisions..

As far as I am concerned, the EPJ Daily Alert packs more information in a month's worth of emails than you would receive in a year's worth of information from other services. It is must reading.

There has been no time in our life times that has been more volatile then the present. For those on the wrong side of the markets, devastating losses could result. For those, who understand the volatility, they can protect their wealth and even profit.

The mainstream media is nowhere close to reporting the data about the economy and Fed activities that every investor, businessman and person planning for retirement needs to know. Monitoring this volatility is the key to making sure you have the right investments to survive and profit from this volatile period.

In the EPJ Daily Alert, I not only provide you with the details of what the volatility will mean for the stock market and economy, but identify those investments that I expect will climb during the volatility. Because the EPJ Daily Alert is published every day the stock market is open, I am in touch with you on a continuing basis as the situation and the opportunities unfold'

Subscribe now and for the first time in your life get the information that will truly help you understand what is going on with the economy, stock market, gold, interest rates and real estate.

The EPJ Daily Alert is more than just stock picks. It is about a way to look at the economy so that you see in advance what is developing. I pack everything I know about the markets and economy into these Alerts and I know you will find them as valuable as many others do. There really is no other news source like the EPJ Daily Alert. If you are concerned about the economy, as you should be, and need a sense for what is going on with the economy, then the EPJ Daily Alert is for you.

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Robert Wenzel

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  1. Robert, have you considered FREE trials?or is it a technical problem?just curious

    1. He gave out a free trial for the first week of July last year.