Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Donald Sterling Vows to Take His Fight for the LA Clippers to the Supreme Court; "I have pretty good lawyers."

MailOnline reports:

Sterling said: ‘You can’t force somebody to sell property in America. Well I’m a lawyer that’s my opinion.
‘If you talk to a girl and you say something wrong... So they should take away for life your team because you said the wrong thing to a girl?

He added: ‘I’m not gonna let anybody take over my team.’

Sterling said: ‘My lawyer is telling me there’s not a chance in the world that anybody can make you sell your team and if they ever could it would take 20 years of litigation.

‘And with regard to the penalty ($2.5milion fine imposed by NBA) my lawyers, you know they’re downtown LA they’re pretty good, they say that they think it’s excessive, far excessive for what happened...for what, for what? Even if you say things against Jews or Koreans...can you take away his living? My living?... for what? For trying to get a girl hot and make it with her?'

 ‘My lawyer is telling me there’s not a chance in the world that anybody can make you sell your team and if they ever could it would take 20 years of litigation'

He went on: ‘Well let’s see. If the Supreme Court of the United States… deems that it’s excessive that it’s unfair then they’ll reduce it.’

When asked by his friend if he thinks he should pay the fine, Sterling replied: ‘I haven’t done anything.’
He said: ‘I’m not gonna pay them $2m, I’m not gonna pay them. I’ve done nothing wrong. We’ll see if that’s proper, if that’s reasonable, you know, what if they would have fined me $50m? Would that be reasonable, I don’t think so.


  1. It looks Donald Sterling is one of the few people who is willing to fight Political Correctness head on. Good for him!!!

  2. Good to know some men have balls in this world.

  3. Exactly! I sure hope he wins.

  4. Is it any of my business if he's a racist? Frankly, I've got more important things to worry about.

  5. hope it busts.......

    Two Separate Topics

    This is income “inequality” right? Well yes but this is not really what I am getting at. Let’s take professional sports but this argument holds true no matter what profession …it cannot last. Teams have inked multimillion deals after deal after deal. They have signed media deals, logo deals, stadium deals you name it but… they all have one thing in common (actually 2). Debt! Debt is used to build the stadiums and to purchase or trade the teams. The scheme is unsustainable (just as it is on a systemic basis) because players cannot get paid what they are being paid, stadiums cannot be built for what they are being built for and teams cannot trade at the numbers they are trading at …when the income of the fans can no longer support the revenue needs of the league.

    Do you see the connection here? The inequality of income is exactly what will eventually bring the disparity to an end. This year’s Super Bowl barely sold out and this was only because ticket prices were discounted by more than 50% in the last week. Attendance at baseball and basketball games are way down …yet “signing deals” keep going higher and higher. This cannot last and will not last. By the way, as I wrote over the last couple of days regarding the coming “re set,” this situation is a perfect example of “why” it’s going to happen…because it should …and because mathematically it will have to. This is an example of a question that has an ugly answer.

    In case you had not made the leap yet, debt, and the ability to service this debt is exactly what stands as the foundation for dollars themselves. If the debt (the foundation) becomes impaired, so does the entire structure. Pro sports are a perfect example and one that “us fans” can relate to. Was Mickey Mantle’s or Joe DiMaggio’s $100,000 salary equivalent to today’s routine $5 and $10 million contracts? No, not in buying power or in any other way with exception that it was “the biggest” to that point in time. In 10 or 20 years will an average salary of $100,000 for the fans be able to support routine $10-$20 million salaries? The answer is no because there are just not enough “fans” to support the “stars.” It works this same way in all of business, debt must be serviced but there is too much debt when compared to the amount of “blood donors” available. This is just another way of looking at how and why fiat systems (Ponzi schemes) always must come to an end.

    1. Americans don't look at root causes, they treat symptoms. The system of high ticket prices will have to be "solved" by government.

      The obvious solution is a new entitlement program or tax rebate/break so people can go to the game now and then. This a bread and circuses model, the circuses are government need which makes them a so-called public good.

  6. "For trying to get a girl hot and make it with her?"

    You go Sterling!

    Things change gradually for us geezers and one day we wake up and discover we have missed a meeting. I got called out a few years ago for saying someone was "Oriental." Turns out, that's now the "N" word for "Asians." I was like, "Sorry. Why wasn't I notified?" Thank God I don't own a team.

    Sterling might be right about the legalities, but he's going to get pecked to death long before he wins or loses in court. I would feel sorry for him except that he has probably received millions in taxpayer subsidies from the same machine that's now eating him. As the Bible says: "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword."

  7. LeBron James, Majic Johnson, various NBA players and coaches, sports radio / TV talking heads, and so-called civil rights leaders and advocates pay close attention. Adam Silver's bold and authoritative move in fining and banning Sterling appears to have turned out to be nothing more than "playing to the crowd," "throwing red meat to the base," etc. You guys, and gals, have to be out of your collective minds if you think Sterling is going to take this without putting up a fight - one that could get quite ugly if other NBA owners are pulled into depositions, which could serve to bring up embarassing conversations / situations on their part.

    Let the mayhem begin!!!!