Monday, May 12, 2014

Football Player Sent to Re-Education Camp For Dissenting View

By Shane Kastler

The opinion police are at it again, this time from the NFL regarding their new prized homosexual linebacker Michael Sam. On Saturday, he became the first “openly gay” player drafted by the NFL when he was taken in the last round by the St. Louis Rams. While the knee-jerk reaction to his draft day slide to the 7th round was to blame the “prejudice” of NFL teams, no thought was ever given to the fact that
he may be an average (at best) linebacker. Many teams, no doubt, would also prefer avoiding the media circus that is sure to follow such a “historic” player. Not to mention the potential locker room tension that could come by having a bunch of overly-macho, sex crazed heterosexual athletes in constant contact with a homosexual. It's a team's job to win games and if they fail they'll get fired. Social stands on sexual practices should be irrelevant non-issues for NFL teams. Except for the fact that the NFL frequently bows the knee to liberal media pressures.

Such was the case when Miami Dolphin defensive back Don Jones posted one word on Twitter in response to a picture of Sam kissing his boyfriend: “horrible.” My point in this article is not to defend whether or not Sam's action was horrible, but rather to ask whether or not Jones should be entitled to express his opinion on the matter. Have we really reached a point in America where all opinions must be squelched if not approved by higher-ups? Is this the kind of society we desire? Not only must you accept all lifestyles, you must also endorse them. Or at least keep any dissenting opinion to yourself, lest you be sentenced to a re-education camp. Think I'm exaggerating? Apparently not because this is exactly what the Miami Dolphins did. Jones has been suspended and will now be required to take “educational sensitivity training” in order to continue his livelihood. So much for free speech. Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports wrote that the NFL is sending a message which says, “If you have public and negative comments about Sam and his sexuality, you will be punished and shamed.” Many see this as a positive. I see this as quite frightening.

While this may not be an issue of the government banning speech, my fear is this type of mindset that is swarming America and squelching all dissenting opinions. I know absolutely nothing about Don Jones, so I'm not trying to defend him personally; but his aversion to homosexual behavior is shared by every major religion on the planet. So he would hardly be considered a lone wolf, rebellious, loose cannon. But even if his view was a “minority” one; do we not have a desire to allow dissenters a voice? Is it not far more dangerous to foster an atmosphere of suppression? And isn't this a danger to all, regardless of their opinions on matters of sex, politics, or religion? Rather than longing for true freedom for all, most Americans simply want to browbeat their opponents and silence them by force. This is not the spirit of freedom, but rather the stench of totalitarianism. And America is heading there at breakneck speed. We have reached the point where a man can type ONE WORD (horrible) and be sentenced to re-education camp, if that ONE WORD does not meet media approval. And don't be deceived, the government is fanning the flames of this media induced firestorm.

When Michael Sam “announced” he was gay, Barack Obama invited him to the White House to celebrate his “courage.” Yet it seems far more courageous to go against the tide as Don Jones did and express disapproval of what the media deems sacred. Will Jones get a White House invite for his “courage?” Not likely. Regardless of that, the real issue should not be what Sam does in his bedroom, but whether or not he can play linebacker in the NFL. If so, then more power to him. But if not, and the Rams are forced to release him for his playing ability (or lack thereof)... watch out! The cry babies in the media will annihilate them full force for being bigoted, homophobic, oppressors. And all the goodwill they received for having the “courage” to draft him in the first place will be long forgotten. The same knife the media wielded to defend the Rams and Sam will be turned on the organization and used to destroy them.

Dissenting viewpoints are not allowed in modern America. And if you express one, don't be surprised if you are suspended, fired, re-educated, or lynched. The high-tech lynchings that Clarence Thomas spoke of many years ago are still very much in vogue. Maybe someday, all of America will embrace true freedom, and people will be able to express their views and counter views without fear of reprisal. Maybe someday. But not today.

Shane Kastler is Pastor at the Heritage Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA and Co-Host; "Church & State" KELB Radio, 100.5 FM. He blogs at The Narrow Road.


  1. I suspect, , the flag-waving Romney supporting war-mongering republican NFL fans that I know , are secretly excited.
    They can't really explain it, nor do they want to.

    1. JT out of Barrow

      i dont like "anonymous" but, it will have to do for this.
      this is JOHN Q, a flag waving (not neccessarily a romney supporter), CONSERVATIVE(NOT, a republican) , NFL fan.

      why not you and the rest of the agenda driven world simply enjoy the game of football and who gives a s___t about the sexuality of a player, coach, referee, fan, popcorn seller, etc etc.

      you damn people get on my nerves with your gd agendas.

  2. I wonder what the author or Robert Wenzel would say if an NFL player was openly sympathizing with Hitler or the KKK? Do they really think that an employer should erect no boundary on what's acceptable for an employee to say? I do share the concern of letting mob rule destroy people for small infractions, but I don't see a problem with calling people out for being hateful.

    1. "Calling people out" is fine. Requiring re-education training is a bit much. Especially when it's due to one word that he tweets. It's not like this guy had a pattern or history of being abusive. He expressed an opinion, shared by many. And he must submit to brain washing. Yikes.

    2. how about this

      what in hell happened to free speech?????
      differences of opinions?????

      what makes this SAM and his choices any damn better than mine, yours, orrrr mr. jones???

      what is wrong with you people?
      WHAT, has happened to america

  3. Its funny to watch all the people line up to sing hosannas to the PC gods and say what a horrible person Don Jones is. Probably most of whom are just as disgusted to see two men making out as was Jones. The hypocrisy of this whole business is really getting me down. UUUUUUUUGGGGG!!!

  4. This incident is going to win Sam a lot of friends among other players, surely. The idiot Left lacks any insight into human nature. Sociopaths, the whole bunch of them.

  5. "While this may not be an issue of the government banning speech"

    Actually it is a matter of government banning speech. How? Think about this. Without government schools and commie ideologues in the media being used to thoroughly indoctrinate people into the religion of the Idiot Left this would not even be an issue. Remove government and cowardly bullshit like this will pass disappear.

  6. Great article. I too am amused how supposedly courageous it is to be openly gay. Can anyone deny that it is much more dangerous to one's job, wallet and reputation to stand against the PC crowd? From what I understand Sam is a marginal prospect whose drafting was probably a PR ploy by the NFL. I didn't pay much attention but I understood James' tweet was merely in response to Sam's drafting, I didn't know of the photo. Go figure.

    1. Those poor souls, being cheered on in their sin from the PC masses who will also be thrown into the lake of fire to burn eternally. I pray they come to the truth before it's too late.

  7. Some animals are more equal than others.
    Translation: it's OK for homosexuals to hate heteros, but not the other way around.
    As if everybody doesn't know that even if the pink nazis patronizingly think they're fooling everybody.

  8. The NFL serves as a crystal ball for the fascism unfolding in the US. What they are doing now is what the feds want for all of us in the future. The military propaganda at games, the security measures, the participation of sports stadiums in emergency drills, and the oppression of free speech are just the beginning.

  9. So sad that slavery still exists. I don't agree with Mr. Jones comments, but I can't imagine anyone or any team thinking they "own" him to the point they can force him into having an alternate viewpoint. Almost like conversion therapy.