Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gary North: When I Travel with My Wife, I Get a Separate Hotel Room and Other Travel Tips

Gary writes in his in his email tip sheet:
I hate to travel. But I do like airline price competition.

So, if I can save a few bucks, I do.

First, I schedule my plane flights 54 days before I want to fly. I get better
prices. But I have to send a reminder to myself.

Second, I don't book on weekends -- not even on day 54.

Third, I try to leave on a Thursday. I always return on Tuesday when I fly to
Oregon to visit my mother. These strategies are found here:

Fourth, I watch the "surprise" fees. Here is a list of them:

Some, I pay for willingly, such as high-speed Internet in hotel rooms. It's a
business expense.

This is a biggie when I travel with my wife. I get a separate hotel room. I start
writing around 3 a.m. I get up alone. So, I sleep alone.

That's why I like motels/hotels with business centers. This way, I save on
the second room. I will pay extra per night for this.

Gary "No Surprises" North

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