Friday, May 23, 2014

In Government Schools, Winning Is For Losers

By Chris Rossini

The State's perversion of life is largely carried out by its octopus arms known as "schools".

North Hill Elementary in Rochester, Michigan sent home this flyer prior to "Field Day":

What happens if the poor little boys act like human beings and show an "urge to win"?

Are they whisked away and forced to guzzle down a (Michelle Obama approved) estrogen milkshake?

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  1. I attribute all of my success to that urge. That is the point. You don't have to be #1. Everyone benefits.

  2. I see this as good news. An entire school full of children who will NEVER be serious competition to myself or my heirs when it comes to making a sports team, getting into a top university, or obtaining a job in any sort of high-paying, competitive career field. I hope these kids enjoy their futures as baristas with psychology degrees.

  3. "...good feelings of participation"

    LOL! The Idiot Left strikes again..."feeeeeeelings". The US has become one big vagina. PATHETIC.

  4. Well if we can get the ruling class to stifle their "urge to win " maybe all would be good.

    Of course the purpose of this is to accept slavery.

  5. "Competition is a sin"

    The inefficiencies and duplications of effort caused by competition is what the state has been tasked with eliminating for the collective good.

    Of course that breaks and ruins most everything because to make it work excellence, skill, and ability must be punished.