Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In the Wake of the News of the Poor Medical Treatment of Veterans, A Veteran Reform Proposal

Lew Rockwell writes:
So the single-payer, socialist VA medical system is a sickening disaster for tax victims and patients (though not for the humongous underworked, overpaid staffs, of course). Just like the Soviet, British, etc. State systems. BTW, the feds’ Indian Health Service and Public Health Service may be even worse. And none of them can be fixed by politics. But here is one possible reform: stop creating new veterans.


  1. Who is going to suppress the mob when Biblical stoning is instituted?

    1. I don't Know, us libertarians don't do mobs very well.

    2. First they will reinstate the Draft and have a lottery.

    3. Re: Jerry Wolfgang,

      -- Who is going to suppress the mob when Biblical stoning is instituted? --

      Duck season, Jerry. It's duck season.

  2. I always dread whenever my grandfather (a Korean War Vet) has to go the VA.

  3. JW: Stupid troll.

  4. Evidently this JW troll thinks it a hoot when the government kills off people who are no longer "cost effective" to provide medical care for.

    I guess since they are no longer "heroes" fighting for the empire then F%^& them.

    Just like how socialist medicine encourages abortions, denies treatment to young children and the elderly since they are productive human livestock on the tax plantation!