Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Team Rand is Married to Team Ditch Now

So says  nationally-syndicated talk show host Steve Deace:
[A]n argument could be made that McConnell needs Rand just as much in the general this fall. If even some of Bevin’s 125,000 primary voters stays home in protest, McConnell could very well lose a state Mitt Romney won by more than 20 points in 2012. This is where Rand Paul comes in. Who knows how much of Bevin’s base is mad at Rand for backing McConnell in the first place? That is a question best asked of those on the ground in Kentucky. But over the course of the next five months it will be Rand’s job to find out, because he has a much better chance of turning out Bevin’s base than McConnell does.

However, an argument could also be made that Rand needs McConnell just as much as McConnell needs Rand.

Rand Paul has been running for the 2016 GOP nomination since about 10 seconds after Romney conceded. A lot of his political capital is now tied to Ditch. If McConnell were to lose in November, it could mortally wound Rand’s presidential aspirations because the narrative will not be that he attempted to mainstream his father’s movement, but that he “sold out.” On the other hand, if McConnell wins in November there will be little doubt that Rand “saved” McConnell to at least some extent, which then lets Team Rand make the case he’s now become a major political power-broker.

So Team Rand is married to Team Ditch now. Might as well consummate the relationship and put a ring on it. For the fate of McConnell’s U.S. Senate seat could also determine the fate of Rand Paul 2016.

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  1. FYI I know a guy who is a big Rand/Ron Paul fan who went to go work for Mitch's campaign ostensibly to be more active in helping Rand. So you might say there's at least some direct Paulian efforts behind Mitch's campaign. On the other hand most Republicans under 30 probably consider themselves Paulians.