Friday, May 23, 2014

Left-Wing Race-Hustling Phonies

By Thomas DiLorenzo

I refer here to about 99% of the “mainstream media” in the U.S.  The latest example of their never-ending race-hustling dishonesty designed to start a race war is an attack on the billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team.  Speaking at a business conference, Cuban mentioned an example of what economists call “statistical discrimination.”  Statistical discrimination is NOT based on any kind of racial or gender prejudice.  It is defined as judging strangers based on the general behavior of a group the stranger happens to belong to.  What Cuban said was that he is usually cautious whenever walking around at night and coming across either a black teenager in a hoodie or a white teenager with a shaved head and covered with tattoos.  He said he would cross the street as a precaution upon spotting either type of person.  Predictably, the sons and daughters of Al Sharpton (figuratively speaking), the moral conscience of the American Left, immediately denounced Cuban as a “racist” and demanded an apology.  Jesse Jackson said the exact same thing about black teenagers once but of course was forgiven for it.

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