Friday, May 23, 2014

Rand May Have a Rick Perry Problem

Jay Stephenson emails:
Rick Perry seems to be positioning himself as a populist Andrew
Jackson type politician (I assume he's a gung-ho military
interventionist).  His response to the Cliven Bundy situation tells me
he may be looking to steal votes from Rand and Cruz if they run. And
this will hurt Rand if he contniues to take wishy-washy positions on
controversial issues.

Online Gambling’s Other Cost
Proponents of Internet gambling are seeking government oversight of
the Internet.
By Rick Perry!

Rick Perry Dismisses Question About Nevada Rancher's Racist Remarks
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  1. Not that it matters much since Perry is just as statist as Cruz and Rand. However, I wonder if Perry still advocated invading Mexico in the name of the Drug War.

  2. LOL Rick Perry backers. Perry has a Rand Paul problem.