Thursday, May 1, 2014

Money Laundering Bitcoin App for Criminals Launched

A Bitcoin storage app called Dark Wallet has been released today.

Tom's Guide reports:
Dark Wallet is developed by a group called unSystem whose members include Cody Wilson, creator of the world's first 3D-printed gun, the Liberator. Both projects share similar political goals: to thwart any and all government regulations.. 
Dark Wallet's creators say their app was created with criminals in mind.

"It's just money-laundering software," Wilson said at a debate at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The Dark Wallet app, which will be available as a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, appears as if it will be free to use.
From Wired:
 “This is a way of using bitcoin that mocks every attempt to sprinkle it with regulation,” says Cody Wilson, one of Dark Wallet’s two 26-year-old organizers. “It’s a way to say to the government ‘You’ve set yourself up to regulate bitcoin. Regulate this.’”

From PC World:
 “Bitcoin is the next battle ground in the fight against supranational political domination,” wrote the backers, including Cody Wilson.
Note to Cody Wilson and crew: It is not too smart to announce to banksters that you are attempting to take them down. Let's see how that works out.

 Here’s a teaser video the group posted earlier last week ahead of the software’s release:

Dark Wallet may have limited usefulness in the underground world, but it is going to do nothing to promote Bitcoin as a generally accepted money. LOL, Macy's and McDonald's are not going to be accepting Dark Wallet purchases anytime soon. If anything, it will create even more focus by regulators on Bitcoin. Retailers will eventually be required to know the identities of anyone using bitcoins.


  1. Why are these things always rife with illuminati symbolism? The people who rave over something like this probably have tribal tattoos, too.

  2. Your title is offensive based on your stated principals. It betrays your personal feelings.

    Also, this is a partial solution to one of your past critiques (and in my opinion one of your few legitimate ones), but yet this somehow increases your opposition?

    Bitcoin is the salvation hard money advocates have waited for 100 years to see and you spit in its face. So sad.

    1. Personal feelings? I think the title is just putting Dark Wallet's PR approach into shorthand. I doubt much of the successful black market strategies in the USSR started with broadcasting HERE WE ARE COME GET US. And i have utmost respect for Mr. Wilson, but i do wish he'd be less visible, for everyone's sake.

  3. It really is stupid to tell the US gov't, "You can't stop us"...just stupid.

    It's like telling a bully twice your size he can't beat you up. It's almost daring him to try to punch you in the nose.

    Pure stupidity.

    If they've truly developed something that governments can't stop, that in and of itself should be enough. Keep your trap shut and see, don't blather on stupidly and put yourself on the radar as a target.

  4. At least the Dark Wallet marketers don't seem to accept the premise that "money laundering" is a concept that has any meaning to it.

    Aren't you embarrassed when you use the state's newspeak especially in headlines like that?

    You probably call the green pieces of paper in your wallet federal reserve "notes". Wouldn't you feel a lot less cowed and humiliated if you refered to them as "un-notes" instead? If the treasury printed words on the green pieces of paper that made the claim that the pieces of paper were dinosaurs and the government and their friends called the green pieces of paper dinosaurs would you call them dinosaurs too?

    Please stop using such absurd non-sensical language.

    And why are you so snide and dismissive to human beings with the un-steamrollable human spirit that causes some to risk death opposing the state?

    I heard Charles Goyette interviewing Ron Paul a few weeks ago and Ron kept talking about "tank boy" that stood in front of the tanks in Tienemen Square. The topic was extra-depressing and Ron kept going back to the spirit of freedom embodied in "tank boy" as the only reason to have hope.

    Walter Block and others have pointed out that the libertarian spirit may be something that is ultimately determined by genetics. And the same kind of mutations that cause you to mildly oppose the state cause others to be more strident and they can't help being strident it any more than you can help being lukewarm.

    Do you remember when Penny Freeman did that video where she recounted telling Ron Paul that if he ran for real that people would come out of the woodwork and "stand in front of tanks"? That's why Ron had to hire Jesse Benton and all of those East European fixers to muzzle him and keep him from inspiring too many people to oppose the state.

    When you disparage bitcoiners for challenging the banksters' tanks you are no better than Ron Paul's handlers who muzzled him to prevent the stand-in-front-of-tanks-style revolution that would have undoubtedly followed had Jesse Benton and the fixers not been there to yank him off the stage with the vaudeville cane every time he got rolling speaking his mind.

    1. Bitcoin poses no risk to the state. None. Nadda. Zip. "Bitcoiners" (LOL, you guys really need a new term for yourselves) are nothing more than idolaters. And like all idolaters, they worship their false god to their own destruction.

    2. Anytime the state has to respond militarily with death squads and tanks, the state is at risk. It may be a small risk, but they aren't free from risk until they've incinerated the last 5 year old kid standing defiantly on a pile of rocks shaking his fist at their helicopters.

      The day may come when the state no longer needs to organize and send out death squads to stop people from being secure in their persons, papers, and monetary commodities that are secretly transferrable across state boundaries. We will know that bitcoin's risk to the state has been averted when we stop seeing "Money Laundering" headlines on web sites such as this.

      And one doesn't have to be a tank boy idolator to understand that tank boys all over the Empire are a continuing risk to the state.

      I'm not a "bitcoiner" anymore than I am an Afghan resistor or one of Bundy's militia . I don't own any bitcoins or AKs. But I root for the good guys no matter what the odds.

      And I understand the definition of a monetary commodity and von Mises' regression theorem, so unlike you, Wenzel, and many libertarians I'm blessed with not making irrational conclusions and predictions regarding bitcoin.

    3. The state isn't responding with death squads and tanks for "bitcoiners." You can shake your fist at them all you want, but that doesn't magically make them go away.

      Bitcoin will continue to be controlled by the state as long as it's in existence. This "the day will come" nonsense is the irrational bit. Saying bitcoin is not going to be your personal savior is not being irrational.

  5. " LOL, Macy's and McDonald's are not going to be accepting Dark Wallet purchases anytime soon."

    No one can tell where the payments came from; that's why it's called DARK wallet. Macy's and McDonald's would have no way of knowing that person sent them the funds using a Dark Wallet client.

    1. You understand my post as well as you do Bitcoin. I wrote: "Retailers will eventually be required to know the identities of anyone using bitcoins."

      You may be able to walk into a retailer with dark wallet coins, just as you can walk into a car dealership with cash to buy a car, but it doesn't mean you won't have to identify yourself.

    2. You're still not getting it. Even if they know who you are when they take your payment, they will not be able to tell with any certainty what accounts are associated with the money you just gave them. Dark Wallet turns bitcoins into a cash like payment. You know I gave you the cash, but you can't tell what bank I bank at or how much money I have in my bank account or where I got the cash from.

  6. Cody's strategy consists of very publicly exposing that "the emperor has no clothes" and is forcing Big Brother to either back off or expose their true nature of violence. He has publicly stated that doesn't care which way they go.

    Any violent reaction against Bitcoin by the State will be about as successful as the war on drugs.