Saturday, May 10, 2014

More Minimum Wage Jobs Are About to Be Eliminated (Retail Shopping Edition)

Some automation would be introduced in a free market, even if there were no minimum wage laws, but minimum wage laws provide further incentive for businesses to move in the direction of automation. It's coming everywhere, including at the retail level. From Business Insider:
This coming transformation in the way you pay for items in bricks-and-mortar stores will occur through a network of sensors placed strategically around stores, which will enable retailers to recognize you (through your smartphone or other devices) when you walk through the door. Inexpensive sensors also will be attached to (or embedded in) items available for purchase. And the stores will already have your preferred payment information on file, so when you exit the store with your chosen merchandise, you’ll simply be billed automatically, totally skipping any traditional checkout experience.

Many restaurants are already in the vanguard of transforming the checkout experience. As Alexis Madrigal explained two years ago here, a growing number of restaurants are using iPads or other tablets to have diners place their own orders and then check themselves out at the end of the meal. If such a change becomes widespread, as Madrigal pointed out, the implications for waitstaff employment will be profound.

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