Thursday, May 8, 2014

Non-Retired Americans Need To Grow Up Quick

By Chris Rossini

Gallup is reporting that:
31% of non-retired Americans say Social Security will be a major source of income when they retire.
First of all, the government-concocted idea that once you reach an arbitrary age, you're supposed to stop being productive and let the Nanny State usher you to your grave is very degrading for you, and also very empowering for Nanny. The fact that Nanny will usher you to your grave with "benefits" that it steals from your neighbor makes the whole immoral "program" even that much worse.

It's one thing to stop producing so that you may live off of savings (i.e., your property) that you've accumulated, or even to live off of voluntary and privately provided charity. But it's a whole other ball of wax to stop producing so that Nanny can drip..drip..drip your neighbor's earnings into your veins. That drip is Nanny's insurance that it can always count on your vote (i.e., support). Chances are excellent that you won't bite the hand that drips you the funds.

So what's a person who doesn't want to indirectly (via The State) aggress against his neighbor to do? Well, first of all, you have to get rid of the word "Social Security" from your vocabulary. You need to stay productive until you can live off your own savings (or voluntary charity). Keep in mind that you can stay productive until your time is up on this earth. You never have to "retire". Remember that's Nanny's creation, not Nature's.

Yes...government and its currency-destroying Federal Reserve make it very difficult to accumulate savings. They both do everything humanly possible to discourage and squash the very idea.'s not our fault. We didn't create the U.S. government or The Fed. They're rogue institutions created by people who are long gone. But we must deal with their existence nevertheless. And the way to deal with it is for each of us to individually do the right thing, right now. No more looking forward to being hooked up to Nanny's drip bag.

According to Gallup, 31% of non-retired Americans are considering the drip bag as their "major source" of income when they reach Nanny's arbitrary retirement age. What a bad plan.

At some point, Americans will have to grow up real quick. Nanny is doing nothing but running a gigantic Ponzi scheme. Many of its minions know it too. For example, on Feb. 15, 2004, one of the biggest purchasing power destroyers to ever walk the earth, Alan Greenspan, said:
“We can guarantee cash benefits as far out and at whatever size you like, but we cannot guarantee their purchasing power.”
In other words, the green pieces of paper will be handed out. What they'll be able to buy? That's a totally different story.

It would be wise to not rely on Nanny's drip bag when purchasing power diminishes at an ever faster rate.

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  1. I would add that if you can get social security or anything else from the government, you should take it and put it to productive use. Otherwise, they will just spend it on destruction and misery.

  2. The retirement age is not arbitrary. Social security is not a ponzi scheme. Learn about a topic before forming an opinion please.

    1. Hey Anonymous, what could "the retirement age is not arbitrary" possibly mean? There's a scientifically determinate age at which all people must stop working? And it's precisely 65 years of age, not one hour more or less? Surely you see how inane such a remark is.

      I remember when Peter Schiff had a Social Security official on. He described a Ponzi scheme and he described SS. He asked if the guy could tell the difference. Dead silence. "I'll give you the commercial break to think about it," Peter said. A riot.

    2. Well that set everything straight. Why do clueless people think they've made a valid by simply stating "you're wrong?" My guess is Anon didn't challenge what was written because they have no real understanding of the topic. I would love for someone to explain how Social Security is not a Ponzi style time bomb. What is the ratio of payers (workers) to recipients (retirees)? three, four to one? What will it be 5 years from now? Two to one? Wasn't it something like 60 to 1 when the program was crafted? What it ever it was and is today, the clear trend is that the pyramid's base is running out of new marks as all Ponzi schemes end up doing.

    3. Let me see, you pay SS taxes now. The government "invests" in a "trust fund" that by law can only purchase government bonds (this is a "loan" to itself) and spends it immediately on general fund expenses. So the so-called "trust fund" is nothing more then a fantasy - it doesn't exsist!

      This is the very definition of a Ponzi Scheme. SS is nothing more then a pay-as-you-go welfare program that you "qualify" for by meeting the arbitrary age criteria that the rulers of the State decree.

      You are either an idiot who can not understand a very simple accounting deception or you live in a fantasy world - in which case can you tell me the color of the grass in your world? Is it pink....maybe red.....are their unicorns there lol.

    4. @ Tom Woods

      Actually Tom, in fairness to Jerry Wolfgang/anonymous, there was a scientific reason for SS being instituted at the age of 62 in 1935....

      It was because the life expectancy of the average American back then was 61.7 years of ago...LMAO!

      That tells you that it was Ponzi scheme from the start, it probably also tells us what they'll pin the 'benefits' to if they ever reform it in the future before a complete fiscal meltdown's currently around 79 years of age! lol

  3. It's not a Ponzi scheme because government had unlimited printing capabilities.....
    They ignore what obligations mean in real terms.

    It amazes me that we have to pony these things out to statistic.

  4. I'm 29 and I remember when I first started working at 15 both my dad and my grandfather told me that when I got a job that offered a 401k to start putting into ASAP because the government cant take it away from you (in theory of course), which I did. Social Security will be belly up by the time (I'll be amazed if it's not) I get to that age and I don't think I'll even make it to that far anyway.

    People who think they can count on social security are damm fools. There is plenty of evidence out there that it's going to crash sooner than later and it's going to be ugly for a lot of people.

  5. I've got other plans, but they've stolen my property from me for 45 years. I'd be a fool to not try and get as much of it back as I possibly can. When the local thief steals your money at gunpoint and then uses it to throw a as much food and drink as much beer as you possibly can.