Saturday, May 10, 2014

Official Murray Sabrin Campaign Song: Just Can't Shake (This Feeling For Liberty)

Murray emails:
The Sabrin for Senate campaign song is now available. Is this a political first? An original song for a US Senate campaign,

BTW, Thanks for the latest plug.  Could you follow up with a piece about how we are on the cusp of victory if we get the vote out to high intensity voters in the primary?  Cost to mail several times, $85K.  This info would go a long way to letting people know that the liberty message will be heard loud and clear in the general election.

Thanks again for all you have done.  I wish other libertarian sites would emulate your generosity.

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Here are the lyrics to the song:

Liberty's coming it's on its way
Lady Liberty smiling she's got something to say
We the people know the time is right
We stand together got to win this fight
There's a light, shinning so bright, sea to sea

Chorus: (Repeats)
We just can't shake
We just can't shake this feeling

This feeling of liberty more and more

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  1. There's probably many reasons why Sabrin is doing decent in New Jersey. I think one reason could be that the Religious Right Establishment, the "elites" that nudge and persuade the traditional conservative and religious types, cannot enter the North East. The difference between North East and most rest of the country. They may be able to control some aspects of local governments like county, towns and villages, but no way can they impact or influence the overall politics of these states.

    Personally, I don't like the fact that these states are liberal oriented, but it does free up religious conservatives from stupidity of voting for somebody just because they said "I asked Jesus into my heart" or "gays are sinners". Nor is it the center piece of politics where it's "American Exceptionalism" or government is to be (socially) aligned with the Bible. This in turn seems to make way for open conversations for fiscal responsibility. Yes, it's still a long road, but at least that door is open to go through.

    There are many religious conservatives here in upper state New York; despite what people and the cities, themselves, may think, NYC, Boston are not city of gods up here. I get the impression that somebody like Sabrin is more readily to be accepted by North East conservatives and not just a moment in history for Sabrin, himself. Better, yet, conversations and understanding of the Free Markets seem to go further. Fiscal responsibility and free markets can become the center piece of voting for religious types in the NE. As I said, the door is open, and they are free to do so even in the face of tyrannical influence of New York and the rest of NE.

    The Religious Right Establishment is so evil.