Tuesday, May 27, 2014

OMG NBA Hires an Expert on Diversity and Ethics in Sport

The NBA has retained Dr. Richard Lapchick, director of the University of Central Florida's The Institute of Diversity and Ethics in Sport, as an independent expert, reports ESPN. The man is a complete politically correct hustler, championing the non-issues of racism and sexism in America. (SEE: Why Racism Is No Big Deal)

Lapchick's institute publishes a racial and gender report card each year and the NBA has hired Lapchick to analyze "the effect that Donald Sterling's words have had on the league" and his report was included in the charges presented to Sterling. It was based on Lapchick's report that the league concluded in its charges levied on Sterling that his words contributed to "significantly undermining the NBA's efforts to promote diversity and inclusion" and proved to be "damaging (to) the NBA's relationship with its fans,"  according to ESPN.

The Donald Sterling show is rapidly becoming a bad reality show version of Ayn Rand's novel, The Fountainhead, with Lapchick playing the role of  the evil Ellsworth Toohey.

Look at these tweets from the "impartial" Lapchick:


  1. What a waste of my tax money (I live in Florida) supporting something as absurd and ridiculous as this university department. I wonder how many kids he's suckered into following in his footsteps. This department needs to be shut down and this guy needs to get a real job (maybe used car salesman). Oh and the while the NBA is out wasting money in this nonsense, maybe it can explain why there are not more white, asian and latino players on their teams so that the makeup matches society. I'm offended!

  2. Idiot Left Turd montra:

    "We must preach diversity and tolerance.....unless you disagree with me! That's intolerable!

    These people are mentally ill.

  3. Quick, call in the thought police! All of this politically correct nonsense, and forced "group-think" / re-education reminds me of an older episode of The Simpsons where Lisa challenges her teacher and questions the narrative/lesson. The teacher quickly presses a secret "independent thought alarm button." After Principal Skinner gets two of these alarms in one day he forces the students to watch a propaganda video.


  4. This is what happens when vast swathes of your customer base are PC idiots and you are worried about placating them.

    I still like basketball anyway.

    You'd think they know that their customers are going to games anyway and that most of them have the attention span of gnats and will forget about the whole thing in a matter of days when the next "outrage" pops up, surely within weeks. Oh well.

  5. The NBA is not diverse enough? Is the level of diversity that the NBA is hoping for 100% black?