Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rand Paul: It's a 'misnomer' to say McConnell isn't conservative

 Rand Paul is defending his relationship with the establishment elitist, Mitch McConnell, after helping McConnell defeat a tea party-backed challenger in a GOP Senate primary.

"I came out of the tea party movement. I'm very concerned about the debt. I'm very concerned about big government," Paul said on Friday. "But I think the misnomer is to think somehow Senator McConnell isn't. That's what his whole entire career has been predicated upon - fighting against big government."

Disgusting. The son of Ron Paul giving props to a major league crony. There are very few doing more to muddy the libertarian brand.


  1. That NDAA of 2012 is a deal-breaker.
    And they know it.

  2. Your description of "establishment elite" nails it. Rand badly wants to be a member. I, for one, am grateful that you're shining the correct light on this dick who threw his father under the bus. Maybe that is for political theater. Rand may be the most visible muddier of Libertarian waters, but he's not the most dramatic. I get that's not what you're claiming. I learned just today that Adam Kokesh used to work for "Obama for America." See this: Kokesh's assigned task? To foment unrest. His position? Revolution Czar. I'm not making this stuff up. Remember him dancing around at the Jefferson Memorial before his very public arrest? Political theater. At the time, I bought it. Then there was the Brandon Raub incident. I bought that too because of Whitehead's role. Remember the phone interview Kokesh did with Raub from his hospital jail? Political theater.

  3. ha, ha, ha, Mitch McConnell has sold out, he is now cavorting with Rand Paul! Mitch sold out! LOL NWO.

  4. "I came out" Rand says. That might explain his love for Mitch. Another interpretation would be "I am no longer in the Tea Party."

  5. You write "There are very few doing more to muddy the libertarian brand".

    I reply, presenting the concept of brand and tribe. I am not a Libertarian, I am a Christian. Genuine Libertarians carry a brand as they are the product of the ism of Libertarianism.

    An ism is defined as a process that produces a state-of-being from ideas; one adopts an ideology, and then embraces an ism, and the two produce the individual’s state-of-being, where one has identity and life experience.

    There be many isms; every person, has an ism: each individual has economic action out of some movement; one has speech and behavior out of his ism; these manifest as virtues (morals) and ethics (the quality and type of relationships).

    One has values, that is a framework of reading, capsule thinking, associates, activities, mentors, and family, that support one's virtues and ethics.

    One will carry a brand as one get's branded by his ism.

    Liberalism’s, meaning freedom from the state, dynamos of creditism, corporatism, and globalism, established economic systems such as India’s terrifically corrupt capitalism, France’s municipal finance socialism, Greece’s pork and patronage socialism, Australia’s crony capitalism. People living in democratic nation states had life experience out of liberalism’s isms.

    While some strive to be libertarians, and read Hayek, Mises, and Rothbard, to have experience out of libertarianism; in contrast, most people had economic action out of the movement of bankers and nation state leaders operating in policies of investment choice and schemes of debt trade investing and currency carry trade investing.

    And alternatively, Mike Head of WSWS writes Australia’s Auto closures pose need for a global workers’ strategy. The ending of production in an entire country is a concentrated expression of the ongoing, ruthless restructuring of the global auto industry; and calls for commitment to a life of Trotsky socialism, specifically a new international socialist strategy.

    Now, authoritarianism’s singular dynamo of regionalism is starting to produce regional governance and totalitarian collectivism; increasingly people will be living in regions of economic governance, and having life out of totalitarian collectivism. Increasingly people will have economic action out of the movement of regional fascist leaders operating in policies of regional diktat and schemes of debt servitude.

    Libertarian Mike Mish Shedlock writes Twenty-Three hurt in Spain protest against anti protest legislation; Peripheral Europe powder keg ready to explode. As bad as all this is, the Euro made matters far worse. It can’t and won’t last.

    Please consider that the Euro was conceived and designed in eternity past by God to be enduring. He produced the Euro out of the concepts of the Euro’s Father, Columbia University Professor Robert Mundell, who received the 1999 Nobel Prize in Economics for his 1961 paper “A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas”, as cited by and other internet resources.

    Through the singular dynamo of regionalism, a Euro Superstate, that is a One Euro Government, will emerge, as is foretold in bible prophecy of Revelation 13:1-4, Daniel 2:25-45, and Daniel 7:7.

    For most people, the ism of regionalism, will produce debt servitude in the diktat of regional leaders as the way of life under authoritarianism.

    Like I say I am no Libertarian, I am a Christian. I commit to keeping Christ’s Word, and not denying His Name, as I am committed to living in His presence and authority, and have movement out of His Spirit. I am of the brand of Christ. And I am of the tribe of Christ.

  6. McConnell is now a tool of Rand and Ron Paul. The tables have turned.