Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Low-Skilled In Michigan Get A Baseball Bat To The Knees

By Chris Rossini

HuffPo delivers the bad news:
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation Tuesday to raise the state's minimum wage by 25 percent gradually over the next four years to $9.25 an hour...
As bad as that is, it's actually shy of what the economically illiterate hordes wanted:
The House and Senate passed the bill Tuesday, one day before a group of labor and community organizers planned to submit hundreds of thousands of petition signatures calling for a Michigan ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour...The current hourly minimum wage is $7.40.
Obviously, in Michigan, the blind are leading the blind.

For those who have a desire to see, the first thing to understand is this: The minimum wage only outlaws jobs. It creates nothing. It only destroys what could have been.

Abolishing the minimum wage would create jobs at every price level ($9, $8, $7...all the way down until everyone who desires a job is employed. Markets clear.

Yet all of those potential win-win-win situations (i.e., for laborers, entrepreneurs, and consumers) have been snuffed out.

The low-skilled in Michigan are getting a baseball bat to the knees, courtesy of their government and "community organizing" hordes.

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  1. I wish we could include all the negative wage issues- the taxes and regulations that destroy the ability to hire.

    That would require honesty on the part of the government media.


    1. "That would require honesty on the part of the government media. "

      HA? More like LOL!!! :)

    2. Mike-

      Are you daring to imply that the good men and women at NBC and ABC and FOX would lie to us? That the NYTimes and Washington Post would try to cover up government malfeasance? That our leaders in Washington DC are less than perfectly honest and acting in the best manner to help us?

      You are a sick, twisted creep. Our government loves us and will protect us from threats, internal as well as external.

      If you see something, SAY SOMETHING! Our government will stop them from harming us!

    3. "Are you daring to imply that the good men and women at NBC and ABC and FOX would lie to us?"

      Who me? Why would I speak ill of such angelic beings? The benevolent maggots, er, uh, overlords whom I owe my prosperity and even life to? We should be bowing before them and wave incense in front of their images. After all, they all teach us little mundanes to worship The Great God Government. All knowing ,all seeing, all benevolent. Look at what it does for the poor Rick! It issues a command and magically everyone is made better off! Should we not give it the proper worship it deserves?

      "You are a sick, twisted creep. Our government loves us and will protect us from threats, internal as well as external. "

      What's funny Rick is that there are so many idiots who would actually believe that. They're as superstitious as any ancient polytheist but are just too damned THICK to see it.

    4. Benevolent Maggots is my new favorite phrase!

  2. Outlawing voluntary, positive, peaceful human interaction and yet somehow most people in the U.S.A. still believe we are "free" lol

    Worse, yet.......the morons who actually believe in criminalizing work like this think they actually are doing something "compassionate" and morally virtuous......insane

    1. Exactly. The evil pro-government socialists think they have the answer- more government!


    2. Eh...the word "freedom" has no meaning now. It's become just a pathetic slogan. And like all simple minded maggots the idiot masses just vomit out the word without stopping to think what it even means. We live in world of simple minded dolts who can't see one centimeter past a tired slogan.

  3. So basically, the oligarchs on this website and their minions/brown-nosers are upset because we the people, we the working class, we the poor, have bettered our lives by a few dollars per hour?

    And you wonder why liebertarians can never win elections?

    1. If you're not being sarcastic then you're the very type of simple minded idiot I'm talking about. Minimum wage is a price control. It's ARTIFICIAL and ARBITRARY. It only creates UNEMPLOYMENT. Want to see what happens when governments going all the way back to ancient Sumeria try to control prices or wages? Here, get an education and start reading (it's FREE. Don't be lazy):

      "And you wonder why liebertarians can never win elections? "

      Because morons like you are too blinded by envy and are too LAZY to study economics that's why.

    2. "Anonymous" troll, please tell us where those few extra dollars came from and please bookmark this page for future reference and let us know how it works out for you. $50 says you cannot and will not.

    3. Its "libertarians" dolt....

      Probably why they can't "win elections" is due to illogical morons like you!

      This just put millions of the "working class" and "poor" out of work and criminalized peaceful, voluntary interaction.......yeah, thats really helpful lol

      Hey Einstein, if the minimum wage is such a "betterment" and so magical why not set it at $100 an hour, no wait - $1000, how about - GASP - $1000000000 ?

      Why not?

      A government decree is magical......everybody will be millionaires.......unicorns will drop from the sky.........full employment will be achieved because we are now paid millions!

      I hope I never get so stupid as to think that putting people out of work, reducing total wealth, and making "criminals" out of people who are voluntarily cooperating is "compassionate" and "betters our lives".

    4. Hahahaha! I'm behind on my reading but this comment makes it so worthwhile to be catching up instead of doing other more productive things like mowing the grass or weeding the garden. Oligarchs indeed!

      And the dolt gives us the added bonus of a perfect neologism for the Thickists: Liebertarian. How kind and dear of him (or her or it, I certainly don't want to be discriminatory).

  4. what do these guys create?..oh debt and liability avoidance...all hail false gods.

    Carlyle’s Love-Hate Relationship with Municipalities

    Contrast this with Carlyle’s convoluted position on its ownership of Missoula’s Mountain Water.

    The Carlyle Group claims it does not own Missoula’s water system and therefore cannot be named as a defendant in the city’s condemnation lawsuit, according to court documents filed by Carlyle’s lawyers on Tuesday.

    The global investment firm is asking Missoula County District Judge Karen Townsend to dismiss it from the case, leaving Mountain Water Co. as the sole defendant in the city’s bid to force a sale of the utility under eminent domain laws.

    Carlyle’s claim that it doesn’t own the water system seemingly contradicts that it would have to approve any sale of Mountain Water, as well as a 2013 letter from Carlyle Infrastructure managing director Robert Dove to Missoula Mayor John Engen indicating a willingness to listen to offers to buy Mountain Water. In the letter, Dove stated that “Carlyle Infrastructure is honored to be the ultimate owner of Mountain Water.” Carlyle ultimately rejected two city offers to buy Mountain Water in the past.

    In short, the essence of Carlyle’s argument is that although it owns the companies that own Mountain Water, it does not own the water system. And that means the city of Missoula has the right to sue only the direct owner of the water system, Mountain Water.

    This isn’t the first time Carlyle lawyers have offered absurd legal defenses. They did so with LifeCare Hospitals after 25 patients died in their long term acute care unit in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. Carlyle’s crack legal team defended SemGroup’s implosion with a puffery defense to angry investors. This brings back memories of Carlyle’s turning away from Carlyle Capital Corporations’ reeking carcass.

  5. This won't happen-- Fed says there's no inflation.