Monday, May 26, 2014

The New York Times on the "Sons of Wichita"

Nicholas Lemann writes:
Schulman has ably assembled everything known about the Kochs into a single, straightforward, understandable account, marred by occasional lapses into cheesy wording (“Scantily clad women danced poolside and gyrated on the tennis court”) or mixed metaphors (“The brothers’ opponents seemed to miss the forest for the trees as they strained to find evidence of the Kochs’ hidden hand at work, a smoking gun that proved the governor of Wisconsin’s marching orders came straight out of Wichita”). He is inescapably a prisoner of the available material, so there’s a great deal here about lawsuits and government investigations, but less than you would want to know about exactly what Koch Industries — whose revenues, Schulman tells us, increased from $70 million in 1960 to $90 billion in 2006 — does and how it became so successful. Still, it’s some combination of poignant and fun to get at least a peek inside the life of a family whose misadventures have taken place against a lush backdrop of grand homes, yachts, priceless paintings, messy romances, private investigators and armored limousines. (From what little Schulman is able to tell us, the members of the third generation of the Koch dynasty seem thus far to be content to live a lot more quietly and less luxuriously than the second generation.)

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