Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This Week It Will Be "Comments on Comments"

Chris Rossini will join me this week on The Robert Wenzel Show, where we will have another edition of Comments on Comments.

This is where I discuss various comments left over the last couple of weeks at EPJ posts. If you have any questions you would like me to answer, leave your question as a comment to this post.


  1. Thanks, Wenzel and Rossini. On the minimum wage spike in Seattle, what is going on politically that would force corporations and other businesses to pay a minimum wage of $15? I cannot imagine the business community being behind this, unless it is a case of certain corporations using friends in government to muscle out their competition. Am I wrong? It has the feel of Magic Johnson, spin-doctor for AZT-manufacturers who were introducing newer and better pharmaceuticals, trying to strip Donald Sterling of his property.

  2. Chris,
    Yeah thanks. Id like to know some of the history behind EPJ. Did Bob start the site? When? Also, as a kind of exercise, I'm always interested to see how people come to the libertarian viewpoint. What are your backgrounds? Did you and Bob get there from the left? The right? Or as Ron Paul says, were you born that way?

  3. Despite the Fed tapering of its monthly purchases of Treasury bonds, down to $45 billion a month, yields on the 10-year Treasury bond are lower today than they were at the end of 2013.

    However it now appears that since August 2013 entities have bought $215 billion of US Treasuries through the clearing house Euroclear based in Belgium. According to rumors it is the ECB that is doing the purchases on behalf of the Fed, possible even the Fed itself through some kind of backdoor mechanism.

    It this is the case the reality could be that no tapering has occurred rather what we have is an increase of QE.

    Robert, what is your take on the current tapering, the low yields on the 10-year Treasury bond and the purchase of out of Belgium situation ?

  4. Thanks guys,
    Many libertarians are trying to find ways around the system which includes acquiring gold and silver. Probably the most important tangible asset to own is land for many of us. With the current bubbles in real estate and farm land, do you see any potential oppurtunities to hold onto gold/silver and as its value(in dollars) rises and these bubbles burst, purchase said land to perhaps either farm yourself or buy real estate?