Friday, June 27, 2014

A New Pet Project for Free Market Hater Kshama Sawant

Delaney Foreman writes:
Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant has found a new pet project to reduce opportunities for students seeking to enter the workforce. The soapbox-loving $15 Now Socialist recently preached at the University of Washington Social Work graduation ceremony on the need to terminate university-required, unpaid “practicums” or internships. Unbeknownst to her, however, these so-called “abominations” are often a golden ticket for students seeking to stand out to prospective employers.
As Victor Ward writes:
 Forcing employers to have to pay for interns and preventing employers from accepting volunteers and enjoining employers from paying people below a certain amount hurts the employer. But, it also hurts the intern/volunteer employee.

Because I have been able to write for EPJ, I have been able to see the public manifestation of my thoughts. When you get a chance to see your ideas/thoughts turned into something more tangible, you learn from the entire process. In my case, I have learned something about the way I think. I have learned about the way I write. I have learned about the way I read and proof-read. I have learned about how I take a compliment and how I take criticism.

I have learned more than just the practice and skill of writing. I have learned about myself.

Have I been paid for my articles and posts? Yes, in ways that are more valuable than money.

So, when the state prevents people from interning or volunteering and when the state prevents people from working below a certain wage, they are doing damage far beyond just that of the financial.

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  1. Are the rumors true that Ms Sawant's herself will be hiring all those applicants for university internships and paying them $15/hr?