Sunday, June 22, 2014

Did Chris Christie Try to Sabotage Murray Sabrin's Campaign for the Benefit of Cory Booker?

Murray seems to think so. The Star-Ledger reports:
Sabrin points finger at Christie
 [Sabrin] is suggesting Gov. Chris Christie’s closest allies may have tried to rig the race to help re-elect Democratic U.S. Sen. Cory Booker.

Murray Sabrin, a Ramapo College finance professor who’s run four times for statewide office as a Republican or Libertarian, says he was encouraged to seek the nomination by state Sen. Joe Kyrillos, a friend of Christie’s, who told him, "I would be the best candidate in the field because of my extensive knowledge of economic and financial issues."

Later, at the Union County GOP convention in March, Sabrin said he saw Christie confidant Bill Palatucci, "who didn’t say hello but said with a scowl on his face, ‘Have you ever written anything critical of Christie?’ " Indeed, Sabrin had, though he had also said nice things about the governor.

"As we talked it became more and more like the exchange with O’Brien in George Orwell’s 1984: " ‘It is not enough to obey, you must love him,’ " Sabrin noted.

Palatucci said he doesn’t remember the conversation that way: "We had a cordial conversation at some length ... where I asked Murray a number of questions, not just the one he chooses to recall," he said.

Sabrin rival Brian Goldberg got the most coveted county lines, doled out by local Republicans,despite having what Sabrin said was "no message, no fund-raising ability." But Jeff Bell, who did not compete for any county lines, won the nomination "despite the best efforts of some to anoint Brian Goldberg."

"Some have said that Jeff Bell and I have ideological connections to potential contenders for president in 2016. Others cite the friendly relationship the governor has with the former Newark mayor," Sabrin said. "In other words, Governor Christie and/or his advisers may prefer to have Cory Booker re-elected instead of a conservative Republican win the seat."

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  1. Sabrin just has sour grapes. There is no way that Governor Christie would ever use the apparatus of the state government to punish someone who was critical, and would be very critical as a Republican Sentor that could cause any problems for his Godly Ordained Right to Ascend to the Throne of President.

    He's a crazed madman.