Sunday, June 22, 2014

Who Is Going After the Libwaps?

Well, this is brutalist. Someone has put together a list of the "20 Hottest Male" Libwaps. College sophomores just entering the libertarian movement will likely find the list and  the accompanying commentary quite humorous. And there might be unintended consequences as a result of the list,  libwaps are known for their support of lesbians, this list is likely to drive more female libertarians in the direction of lesbianism.

That said, I do want to comment on one name on the list. Stephan Kinsella is ranked #16, but I am not sure he is a libwap.

Kinsella considers himself a homeboy of both Jeff Tucker and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Let's just say that Tucker and Hoppe hold different views on gays etc. Kinsella has never made clear how he stands. Perhaps his being named on this list will finally prompt him to tell us whether he is a lipwap or libhop.



  1. Does anyone know why Molyneux is accused of being a libwap? I thought he was a pure libertarian.

  2. He's pure something, that's for sure.

  3. Robert, I read your blog every day. But every day I see you employ name-calling makes me less impressed with your writing. Your analysis is almost always spot-on, but this name-calling tactic diminishes both your credibility and likeability... both of which are criticial to get people to think more clearly.

    1. Who am I calling a name? I point out the list would only be humorous to college sophomores. My point is about Kinsella and his failure to take a stand on one of the burning topics within libertarianism today.

    2. "tell us whether he is a lipwap or libhop"... I don't even know what those labels mean,exactly, so maybe I'm over-reacting. Maybe you meant it as a good natured jab; if so, so be it. I think your strength lies in zealously attacking statist (force & fraud writ large) ideas. By the way, I'm 42 and never attending a state-sanctioned college, but I found both "Hottest" articles both interesting and humorous.

  4. why is sexual orientation even an issue? libertarians shouldn't take the bait on creating "sides" pro/against...the more it's mentioned the worse this kind of distraction will persist. let's disregard this nonsense.