Friday, June 20, 2014

Flight Attendant Makes Best Pre-Flight Speech Ever

From a Southwest flight attendant on a San Francisco to Chicago trip. Includes a great mocking of the absurd FAA rule that requires flight attendants to teach passengers how to use seat belts.


  1. Gallows help you forget the uncompetitive pricing, the long lines, airports designed for the convenience of the airlines, various levels of government and the developer but not for the traveling customer, being frisked by the TSA, waiting in more lines and then crammed into uncomfortable seating where you pay extra for carry-ons, food and movies.

  2. Oh. My. God! That was so awesome. I've had some great "pre-flight" pep talks, but that takes the cake. I hope he's on my next flight.

    Bob, you always find the best stuff to cut through the relentless gloom of our current economic Titanic. Thanks.

    Plus, even though he's not my type, that "fly for free" thing sounds pretty good...

  3. Whole new meaning to "high camp"...:)