Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guy Pays $2M For Lunch With Buffett? Here Are The Top 10 Questions To Ask The Famous Crony

By Chris Rossini

A man from Singapore is paying $2.17 million for a lunch with Warren Buffett. Here are the Top 10 questions that he should ask the famous Crony:

10 - When it's time for the next TARP, can I take a nibble?

9 - What would your late father (a former friend of Murray Rothbard) think of your adoration of Hillary Clinton?

8 - What would your late father (a champion of sound money) think of your adoration of Ben Bernanke?

7 - During the financial crisis of 2008, did the words "Goldman Sucks" ever accidentally cross your mind?

6 - Can I suggest a name for the next TARP? I'd call it the "Financial Freedom Act For The Liberty of The World".

5 - Do you have a copy of Robert Wenzel's Speech at The New York Fed?

4 - How much has my $2.17 million depreciated today?

3 - This tastes funny. Did the waiters spit in our food?

2 - The restaurant bill has an extra 50% surcharge that says "Payback for TARP". Do you usually get that when going out to eat?

And the #1 question that the Singaporean fella should ask the Sage of Omaha?

1 - You do have gold, right?

Chris Rossini is author of Set Money Free: What Every American Needs To Know About The Federal Reserve. Follow @chrisrossini on Twitter.


  1. Is a financial zombie aware that it is a zombie.?

  2. Another question: "who does your taxes?"