Thursday, June 12, 2014

How the Formerly "Dead Broke" Clintons Have Fared Financially Since 2001

The income that the couple earned spiked quickly after Bill Clinton left office, a Wall Street Journal analysis of Hillary Clinton’s financial disclosure reports shows.

WSJ reports:

Mrs. Clinton’s personal financial disclosures as U.S. senator and as secretary of state show the couple took in at least $12.3 million in 2001, up from $336,134 in 2000, Bill Clinton’s last year as president. Those filings disclose income and assets in ranges, and the Journal’s review is based on the minimum figures. The disclosures don’t necessarily include all of Mr. Clinton’s income. 

The bulk of the Clintons’ disclosed 2001 income came from paid speeches Mr. Clinton gave that year,which earned him $9.2 million. They earned another $2.8 million from book royalties.

Since then, their annual income has fluctuated, but it has never dipped below $3.5 million. Since 2008, it steadily climbed, reaching $16.7 million in 2012. Mrs. Clinton, who drew a salary as senator from 2001 through early 2009 and then secretary of state through early 2013, has been a regular on the speaking circuit since leaving office early in 2013, but she is no longer required to disclose her income after exiting public office.

To be sure, the Clintons have also had hefty expenses. At the end of Mr. Clinton’s presidency, they owed heavy legal fees, paying more than $1.3 million in 2001 alone to cover legal bills for themselves and former staff members, according to the disclosures. But they have also been able to purchase two expensive homes, one for $1.7 million in Chappaqua, N.Y., and another in Washington, D.C., for $2.85 million. In 2008, Mrs. Clinton loaned her presidential campaign $5 million to better compete with then-Sen. Barack Obama.


  1. Clintons Went from Millionaires to PEU's

    Bill had stints with Yucaipa and Teneo. Recently Hillary spoke to The Carlyle Group, KKR, Teneo and Goldman Sachs. Daughter Chelsea is well on her way, currently being schooled by PEU's

    it was time to collect as their sponsors paid it forward.

  2. I don't think "earned" is the right verb here.

    1. wow....the money just flows to their hard and see it PAY S OFF.

      NBC Paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 Annual Salary For Occasional Work

      Hillary Clinton may have left the White House "dead broke" in her own words over a decade ago, but the same can hardly be said about her daughter, Chelsea, who as Politico revealed today, was being paid an annual salary of $600,000 at NBC News before switching to a month-to-month contract earlier this year.

  3. Who Does Wall Street Own In Washington?

    Last night we saw one of Wall Street's favorite politicians of the decade, Eric Cantor, destroyed by a random teabagger who railed against him endlessly for pushing through Bush's TARP bailout of the big banks. Just this cycle, the financial sector had contributed $1,396,450 to Cantor's mammoth campaign coffers. But grotesque bribery from Wall Street isn't just about Republicans. This is a list of the dozen most corrupted designated point persons for Wall Street in the House (since 1990):

    • John Boehner (R-OH)- $9,797,914
    • Eric Cantor (R-VA)- $8,492,465
    • Spencer Bachus (R-AL)- $6,257,494
    • Jeb Hensarling (R-TX)- $5,540,181
    • Charlie Rangel (D-NY)- $5,376,743
    • Ed Royce (R-CA)- $5,006,718
    • Pat Tiberi (R-OH)- $4,702,881
    • Steny Hoyer (D-MD)- $4,612,825
    • Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)- $4,574,624
    • Joe Crowley (D-NY)- $4,526,330
    • Pete Sessions (R-TX)- $4,505,220
    • Paul Ryan (R-WI)- $4,056,918

    You'll notice that there are several Democrats on that list. But that barely scratches the surface of how Wall Street works to control the Democratic Party the way they control the Republican Party. In April we looked at how so many of the Wall Street plutocrats were already signing up for Team Hillary. Voters need to understand why the Wall Street plutocrats are grumbling ominously about both Obama and the Republicans-- and why so many of their warm remembrances of Bill Clinton are likely to help finance Hillary's run for the presidency. At a fat cat shindig Goldman Sachs put on for Hillary at the Conrad Hotel, she "offered a message that the collected plutocrats found reassuring, according to accounts offered by several attendees, declaring that the banker-bashing so popular within both political parties was unproductive and indeed foolish. Striking a soothing note on the global financial crisis, she told the audience, in effect: We all got into this mess together, and we’re all going to have to work together to get out of it. What the bankers heard her to say was just what they would hope for from a prospective presidential candidate: Beating up the finance industry isn’t going to improve the economy-- it needs to stop. -

    Among current Members of the House, these are true Democrats who have taken the most from the finance sector. Do you see any good guys in this lot?

    • Charlie Rangel (D-NY)- $5,376,743
    • Steny Hoyer (D-MD)- $4,612,825
    • Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)- $4,574,624
    • Joe Crowley (D-NY)- $4,526,330
    • Nita Lowey (D-NY)- $4,022,785
    • Jim Himes (D-CT)- $3,993,539
    • Steve Israel (D-NY)- $3,626,934
    • Richard Neal (D-MA)- $3,454,353
    • Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)- $3,104,328
    • Brad Sherman (D-CA)- $2,642,213

    These are the Democrats from whom the banksters buy protection-- and they don't hand their cash out willy-nilly. If you wonder why the prisons aren't filled with banksters, just follow the money from Wall Street to Capitol Hill. There ought to be a law! -

    See more at: