Thursday, June 12, 2014

Are Republican Lies Finally Coming Back To Bite?

By Chris Rossini

Peter Beinart writes:
The big message from Eric Cantor’s stunning primary loss isn’t about immigration or the Tea Party. It’s about the unprecedented crisis of authority in today’s GOP.

Think about it. Cantor’s boss, John Boehner is, according to Nancy Pelosi, “the weakest speaker in history.” Less than 50 percent of Republicans approve of his performance. Over the last two years, he has repeatedly retreated in the face of opposition from rank-and-file conservatives who treat him with barely disguised disdain...

In the Senate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell only avoided Cantor’s fate by attaching himself to his Kentucky colleague Rand Paul, whose upstart Senate candidacy McConnell had opposed. Like Boehner, McConnell is treated with striking disrespect in his own caucus.
Could all the Republican lies about "limited government," "free markets," and "personal responsibility" being coming back to bite?

For decades, Republicans have bamboozled legions of gullible (but freedom loving) individuals into thinking that they were the antidote to the Socialists on the left. And yet, Republicans have been nothing but the polar opposite of their rhetoric. The last several decades (especially) have seen a tag-team between two parties to see which can impose the most tyranny in the shortest amount of time!

Beinart then compares the Republican situation to that of the Democrats:
In the Democratic Party, by contrast—which has enjoyed a reputation for organizational anarchy since the days of Will Rogers—party hierarchies are clear and largely unchallenged. A February Pew poll found that Democrats were more than 20 points more likely than Republicans to say their party’s leaders stand up for party principles. And the consequences are plain to see.

There is no talk of a revolt against Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, even though she has failed to wrest back the House, or of a coup against Majority Leader Harry Reid, even though Democrats may soon lose the Senate.
You have to give the despicable Democrats some credit. They're at least honest about ripping your face off and robbing you blind. For that honesty, they get to sleep like babies. They come through on their promises.

The lying-despicable Republicans, on the other hand?

May they sink into the history books as soon as humanly possible. Good riddance!

Chris Rossini is author of Set Money Free: What Every American Needs To Know About The Federal Reserve. Follow @chrisrossini on Twitter.

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  1. I think Ann Coulter nailed Beinart (and perhaps the author here):

    "The pro-amnesty crowd -- i.e., everyone except the American people -- promptly lost its collective mind. The amnesty shills went on the attack, insisting that Cantor's historic defeat had nothing to do amnesty. Brat's triumph was touted as simply a victory for the "tea party."