Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"I Just Sent a Copy of 'The Fed Flunks' to the Richmond Federal Reserve President"

Bill Fogarty emails:
Got my copy of The Fed Flunks, yesterday. It is an awesome weapon! I live in Virginia and so I just ordered a copy and had it sent as a gift to the President of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank, Jeffrey M. Lacker, and another copy to my local banker.
Great idea! -RW

 Buy The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bankhere.


  1. China Scrambling After "Discovering" Thousands Of Tons Of Rehypothecated Copper, Aluminum Missing

    "Banks are worried about their exposure," warns one warehousing source, "there is a scramble for people to head down there at the minute and make sure that their metal that they think is covered by a warehouse receipt actually exists."

    The rehypothecated catastrophe that we discussed in great detail here (copper financing), here (all commodities), and here (global contagion) appears to be gathering speed as the China's northeastern port of Qingdao has halted shipments of aluminum and copper due to an investigation by authorities after they found "there is a discrepancy in metal that should be there and metal that is actually there."

  2. I just read the speech last night. (I was 3/300 - hoping to be the first, darn it.)

    I laughed out loud at the end of the speech. It was brilliant but, more than that, is the hutzpah shown by Mr. Wenzel delivering it within their hallowed halls. Well played.

  3. Will there be an ebook version available?