Friday, June 6, 2014

Krugman: "This is how I really look when getting wasted"

Paul Krugman apparently thinks a Guardian spoof piece will be taken as the real thing. G runs this pic of Krugman, which is how I have always pictured him as looking when he writes one of his pieces calling for more inflation.

Though this is what Krug claims he looks like when he is three sheets to the wind:
The Guardian riffs off Maureen Dowd’s high in Colorado column, and does the rest of the team.

But I would never, ever snort Aderall. True, I was tempted to try the snuff offered at All Souls last night over claret, but in the end I didn’t inhale.

And now you know why blogging has been thin for the past few weeks. Normal production will resume in a week or so.

Update: I have the impression that some readers might not realize that the Guardian’s picture was a bit … enhanced. This is how I really look when getting wasted:



  1. To read his economic nonsense you'd think he is always wasted.

  2. All Souls, Oxford. Standards are clearly on the wane.