Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Meet the Uber Rich

by  Erin Griffith

The valuation of Uber is poised to hit an eye-popping $17 billion in its latest round of funding. That makes the four-year-old black car startup one of the most valuable private technology companies in the world. As a result, the startup’s early investors, whose shares are now worth as much as 2000x their initial investment, are looking pretty smart.

Similar to the way early bets on Facebook  FB 0.75%  solidified the status of top-tier investors like Jim Breyer, Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, and David Sze, Uber is the game-changing home run for dozens of angel investors.

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  1. You're link is broken: Here's the correct one

  2. "That means even a tiny little $20,000 angel investment is now worth around $40 million."

    Is that it? Compared to when I first started recommending Bitcoin around $0.05 the comparable numbers would be that $20,000 angel investment would be worth around $260 million. And with liquidity all the way.

    Plus, with the CEO of Ebay saying he owns bitcoins and Paypal will have to integrate, VC investments in 2014 already surpassing those in 2013, Andressen saying it will take 15-20 years, many of the very Uber rich also involved and Novogratz of Fortress saying 'all the smartest guys in the room are working on Bitcoin' thus it seems there is still plenty of upside potential left for Bitcoin.

    With this tiny Bitcoin correction apparently over and the next upleg having started therefore it looks like the rest of 2014 is going to be, for Bitcoin holders, quite enjoyable for portfolio performance. There is a reason over a year ago ( I said Bitcoin could be 'the largest bull market ever in history'.