Saturday, June 7, 2014

Obama Acting Like A Silly School Kid

Eric Margolis writes:
Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin were ships passing in the night while in Paris for the G-7 meeting.

The American president reportedly refused to dine with Putin, who was being hosted by France’s president Francois Hollande as part of the D-Day commemoration.

So Hollande, who is on a diet after being called a “little fat man” by former president Nicholas Sarkozy, was forced to host two back-to-back dinners, the first for Obama and the second, delicately described in French as a “souper,” or smaller supper, for Vlad Putin, who is not anyway a big eater or drinker.

How remarkably childish and silly all this was. Obama and America’s European allies are cold-shouldering Putin for re-absorbing Crimea into Russia, to which it had belonged for 300 years, and for stirring the pot in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, US military forces are in action or based in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Djibouti, the Philippines, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda, Central African Republic, Colombia,  Kenya, Europe, South Korea, Japan – in fact, around the globe.


  1. GATA consultant Speck interviewed about gold and silver price suppression

    Market analyst, statistician, author, and GATA consultant Dimitri Speck is interviewed about gold and silver price suppression by Claudio Grass, managing director of Global Gold AG in Rapperswil, Switzerland, in the June edition of the firm's newsletter:
    When we look at the world today, we see the funded and
    unfunded liabilities of the Western world have skyrocketed in
    historical comparison. Only during the inter-war period between
    the First and Second World Wars was the debt level comparable
    to the levels we see today. The profiteers today are the same as
    those before and during WWI. In essence, I believe that war
    does not necessarily need the destruction of human lives, but is
    defined by loss of the products of human effort. Therefore, I
    believe that the ongoing “Currency War” is comparable to WWI.
    Instead of using missiles, currency has become the weapon of
    mass destruction.

  2. Which brings us to the second reason that Rickards is trying to pimp the IMF SDR like a magic elixir snake-oil salesman. The U.S. dollar currently represents 61.2% of the IMF SDR: SDR Currency Basket.

    If the U.S. Government can persuade the world to accept the IMF SDR as a replacement for the dollar, the U.S. Government will still have de facto control over the world’s reserve currency and therefore can continue to defer the systemic collapse of the U.S. into the future. Please note the absence of Chinese yuan or Russian rubles from the IMF SDR basket.