Wednesday, June 11, 2014

People Began Lining Up at Midnight for the Launch of Hillary's Book Campaign

File under: State of the Union

Capital New York reports:
Hillary Clinton and more than a thousand supporters descended on the Barnes and Noble store in Union Square today, for a campaign-style kickoff to her national book tour.

The event coincided with the release today of Clinton's second memoir, Hard Choices, detailing her four years as Secretary of State.

But the attendees who had begun lining up before midnight were more focused on Clinton's future.

“It’s not every day you get to come and meet the next president, I'd get up early for that," said Shane Doyle, 62, who was part of a line that snaked down three floors and around the corner from the bookstore's main entrance....

Shortly after 11 a.m., the sound of applause and cheering from the fourth floor announced to the rest of the bookstore that Clinton had arrived, and she delivered brief remarks saying she was "thrilled" to be there.


  1. "...attendees who had begun lining up before midnight..." "...line that snaked down three floors and around the corner from the bookstore's main entrance...."

    Some people happily dine in their own self-made Hell.

  2. Sometimes God gives a nation a ruler for their shame. If that's what is happening, I can't say it isn't justified. It would only be getting what a shameful, rebellious, sinful nation deserves. Remember that story you ran a little while ago about the training compound in Virginia that was a mock-town? There's a reason a Christian church is included in that training: many "Christians" in this country are just as sinful as the heathens. And if the congregations aren't willing to purge these faux-Christians from among them, as they're commanded in the Bible, then God will have to do it for them. Only it'll be done using an instrument of His wrath rather than His mercy, and that's to the shame of every professing Christian in this nation. Wake up, Christians. You've fallen asleep and dropped your cross. Now it's time to repent and stand in the gap.

  3. here's the story, save your $:

    Clinton's Went from Millionaires to PEU's

    I don't buy Hillary's bootstrap/panty meme. She's not pulling anything up, but putting something over. Mrs. Clinton can read her lines, but the people reading between them are policy-making billionaires. I'm sure they'll help Bill and Hillary reach the billionaire mark. Another Clinton Presidency wouldn't hurt.

    E-mailed comment:

    People act as if they're heroes...but they helped kill the middle class, i.e. shafta.

    My reply: I agree they helped kill the American Dream. They are shameless.